Monday, April 28, 2014

Perfect Mother's Day Gift Idea: Dove Chocolate Discoveries Rose Edition Mother's Day Sea Salt Caramels (Includes Gift Card) - Order by April 30th for Mother's Day Delivery

Mother's Day is Sunday May 11th - have you bought something special for the Mom, Grandma, Sister, Aunt or other special woman in your life?  If not, no worries!

I've just tried the Dove Chocolate Discoveries Sea Salted Caramels and they are DIVINE!  Shhh - I'm not telling hubby.  After the perfume I received for Mother's Day a few years back... from the dollar store... I went ahead and did damage control for this year and ordered myself a box!

Info:  Two dozen rose edition Sea-Salted Caramels make the perfect Mother's Day Gift!  Exotic pink and rose sea salts dance on top of our Chef-Series Chocolate, and make a customer favorite even more delightful! The 24 piece collection includes:

     Milk Chocolate with Murray River Pink Salt from Australia: With its apricot-colored flakes, this delicate and wonderfully mild salt melts quickly on your tongue.

     Dark Chocolate with Bolivian Rose Salt: This South American beauty sparkles with exceptional flavor and a gorgeous rose color.

Personalized gift cards included with all purchases that ship direct. - See more at:,684.aspx#sthash.yskhVuNk.dpuf

Submit your order by April 30th and choose Direct Ship in order to get them delivered in time for Mother's Day!!  

If you place an order, my Mom is hosting a party at the moment, during checkout you can find her party using Lynn S - she would be very happy to see an extra sale :)

Rose Edition Mother's Day Sea Salt Caramels  
by Dove Chocolate Discoveries 

On sale for $29 and includes Mothers Day Card!!

Edition Reviewed: Sample received with my Chocolatier Kit!

I'm a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier - Love Chocolate and want to have fun earning some extra money?  Let me know and I'll give you all the details - it is fun and EASY!

*Disclosure: I am a Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier. I get a very small commission for any purchases made when you order from me on  . :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Best Ever BBQ Chip Butter Fried Chicken Strip Recipe (These Went SO Fast I Couldn't Snag a Picture)

These were such a hit for dinner that I couldn't act fast enough to snag a picture! So, come back later when I do another batch and I'll grab a picture!

My Inspiration: I had a bag of BBQ Potato Chips that was open, and I didn't want to throw them out, but wanted them off the counter, so I decided to decimate them (smash them to bits) and save them in a Ziploc Twistable container for use with butter fried chicken.

Back Story: At one point, the hubby and I had a quest to make a Better-Than-KFC Fried Chicken Breast, and I accomplished it one time, but didn't write down my recipe and have NOT heard the end of it ever since.  So, I'm always sort of thinking about the next try.....

The finished result of this try were eaten SO fast I didn't have time to do more than snag a bit for myself.  So, I vow to grab a picture before anyone knows I'm making them next time. ;)

Best Ever BBQ Chip Butter Fried Chick Strip Recipe
by Wendi Barker
You will need:
Chicken, Cut into chicken strips
4-6 Tb Butter
1 egg
2 Tb water
2 Tb Panko (or similar light plain bread crumbs)
1 - 1 1/2 Cups crushed BBQ chips (the thin ones, not the wavy)
Salt to taste

1. Cut your chicken into strips, whatever size you want
2. Beat one egg in a shallow dish and add water so it coats the chicken easier
3. In a second shallow dish combine Pankow and crushed chips
4. Salt/Pepper chicken
5. Dip chicken into egg (I did it in batches and just put a handful into the dish)
6. Dip chicken into chip/Pankow mix
{meanwhile, coat skillet with non-stick spray, melt butter}
7. Put chicken into hot skillet in batches, flip pieces as they cook (I flip them when I can see the meat on the top turning white and the coating on the bottom is a golden brown)
8. Continue until all the chicken is cooked.  I place the cooked chicken pieces onto a plate covered by paper towel so they don't get mushy.


If you try this easy recipe, let me know how you like it and if you change anything!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coming Soon ~ Pinterest Projects: 2014

One of my good friends recently moved to another state, and I miss her dearly - we had game nights, football afternoons, and movie nights too. In an effort to stay connected over the distance, we decided to start a monthly Pinterest Project.

We agreed on the first one, and I am WAY behind!  We also decided we would include anyone who wanted to join us and we would also try to get some fun gifts (Christmas, birthday, teacher, etc) done during the year as well as some fun stuff just for us.

Here is the link to the Pinterest board I started to share our projectes in:

For January, we chose to do a painted canvas, decorated with glue before painting so that there is a raised image on the canvas.  It looks great!!

When I get mine done, I'll add a pic :)

~ Wendi

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Build a Transformer or Create Your Own With Transformers Construct Bots by Hasbro

As the Mom of 2 boys, I'm very familiar with Transformers in every form - be it movie, cartoon, toys, action figures, and now the all new Hasbro Transformers Construct Bots, which are a fun new construction-based toy that encourages creativity.

Construct Bots give you the ability to create your favorite Transformers and convert them easily between their robot form and vehicle form, or you can customize and create your own Transformers.

Each Construct Bot Construction kit comes with the pieces to make a specific Transformer, instructions, and extra pieces so you can design and play with your own creation.  The larger sets come with a very handy and stackable storage box where you can keep pieces and instructions.

We received both Ironhide (smaller 45 piece set, no storage box) and Wheeljack (larger 55 piece set that comes with a storage box) to try out:

And here is what we made...

If you could only hear the adventures happening in our family room right now!  Parts are being swapped, and robots are saving the good guys!

Now I will warn parents - from about ages 3-6, children may need some help with transforming the bots into their vehicles and back again, but they are done very similarly, so it is no big deal once you see how they connect!  Otherwise, the parts are easy to connect and change, so kids have almost limitless ways they can change their Transformer to keep things fun and create new adventures.

Not only can kids play with the physical toy, but they can log into the online game, add the points that come with the toy packs, and they have an area to upload the bots you create and name!

The boys actually have been having so much fun with these, that we also now have the Optimus Prime/Megatron set as well.  I can't wait to see what new robots they create!

Transformers Construct Bots  
by Hasbro

Various sizes ~ Prices vary from $9.99 to $24.99

Edition Reviewed: 2 Transformers Construct Bots Kits - Review copy received courtesy of Hasbro via their PR company, many thanks for sending me samples to review!

About Transformers Construct-Bots (from the manufacturer via Amazon):
Welcome to the incredible world of Transformers robots. It is a world of high technology, ancient history and a battle that has spanned the entire galaxy and millions of years. Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobots, battles the tyrant Megatron and his evil Deceptions for the fate of freedom across the universe. There's a Transformers figure for every kid or collector. From big converting figures to miniature battling robots, you can team up with Transformers toys to create your own incredible adventures. Whether you're defending Earth with the Autobots, or conquering space with the Deceptions, the action is up to you. Transformers is a world-famous entertainment brand with 30 years of history, blockbuster movies, hit television shows and countless novels and comic books. With Transformers toys, you can create your own chapters in this epic, ongoing story. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

*Disclosure: I am an Amazon Associate. I get a very small amount for any purchases made when you click through a link from Wendi's Book Corner, which I then save up to buy more books. :)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Merry Ex-Mas by Sheila Roberts (Local Author) ~ Just Re-Released in Time for the Holidays!

This time of year is one of my favorites.  To me, it is about warmth, family and friends.  So it also brings with it some of my favorite books - those fun holiday themed books that bring with them those same things that I love so much about this time of year.

Local Author Sheila Roberts has a few fun holiday reads, one of which was just re-released with a new cover:  Merry Ex-Mas: Life in Icicle Falls.  This is the second book in the Life in Icicle Falls series that takes place here in Washington State.  Don't let that scare you away!  This book reads just fine on its own, but once you read it, you will want to go back and read Better Than Chocolate so you can get even more Icicle Falls!!!!

Fall in love with Icicle Falls and the residents and exes who live there.  One is getting ready for a wedding and a few exes are stumbling through the changes brought to life via their relationships.  Meet Cass, Charlene and Ella, and follow along as they deal with the holidays and their exes, which ends up bringing readers a fun-filled and heart-warming Merry Ex-Mas.

Cass's daughter is getting married just before Christmas, and she wants her father to walk her down the isle... to make life more challenging, said father comes complete with a new young wife!

Charlene's ex is back, after cheating on her and moving away.  He has come to the realization that what he had is worth fighting for - now, is Charlene going to give him a second chance?

Ella and Jake are recently divorced, and circumstances find them both still living in the same house with the goal of selling it before they go their separate ways, but you will laugh and cheer as things get crazy for Ella and her doubts and Jake with his determination.

See what happens as the holidays approach and these exes decide that they may not want to be exes any longer!

I hope you get to read some fun holiday books this year!  Start with Merry Ex-Mas, and also check out Sheila's other fun holiday books:  The Snow Globe (one of my favorites - I reviewed it a while back and will link to it as soon as I find it!), Nine Lives of Christmas and On Strike For Christmas.

Merry Ex-Mas: Life in Icicle Falls
by Sheila Roberts

Publisher: Harlequin MIRA (October 29, 2013)  ~  336  pages
Fiction / Romance / Holiday

Edition Reviewed: Hardback - Review copy received courtesy of the author, many thanks to both the author and the publisher for sending me a copy to review!

About the Book:
Christmas is the best time of year in Icicle Falls, Washington. But this year it's not so merry—for three of its residents, anyway….

Cass Wilkes has been looking forward to her daughter Danielle's Christmas wedding—until Dani announces that she wants her father, Cass's ex, to walk her down the aisle. Seriously? Even worse, it seems that he, his trophy wife and their yappy little dog will be staying with Cass….

Her friend Charlene Albach arrives at their weekly chick-flick night in shock. She's just seen the ghost of Christmas past: her ex-husband, Richard, who left a year ago when he ran off with the hostess from her restaurant. Now the hostess is history and he wants to kiss and make up. Hide the mistletoe!

And bring out the hot buttered rum, because the holidays aren't easy for Ella O'Brien either. Ella, newly divorced, is still sharing the house with her ex while they wait for the place to sell. The love is gone. Or is it?

Watch as Christmas brings all kinds of surprises!

*Disclosure: I am an Amazon Associate. I get a very small amount for any purchases made when you click through a link from Wendi's Book Corner, which I then save up to buy more books. :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shutterfly - My One-Stop For Personalized Holiday Cards and Gifts (Includes Vote and Giveaway)

This time every year, I start thinking about our family holiday cards. I schedule our family pictures, and start stalking the Shutterfly site for an idea of what I want to represent our family for 2013.  It seems like every year they add more and more for people to choose from, which I love!

This year, they have a great 2013 Holiday Card Selection and Photo Gifts.
Some highlights of their 2013 Holiday Card Selections this year include:

  • 5x7 tri-fold and back of card designs (these are especially great if you update your friends on what you've been up to over the past year - you get additional space to share details and extra pictures)
  • Classic Designs: Traditional colors, iconic illustrations (traditional holiday scenes), sentiments, monograms, snowflakes
  • Contemporary Designs: Trendy colors, textures and layering, water color techniques, shine, glitter
  • Whimsy Designs: Full of humor and nostalgia, with fun sentiments
  • Merry and Bright Designs:  All about color and having fun
  • Religious Designs: Metallic type treatments, themed story ideas
  • Photo Basics Designs: Use multiple colors, vertical type, family name highlights

So, now that I've tempted you to check out all that you can do, let me show you some of my favorites for this year!  Shhh - making these was SO easy!!  I uploaded my pictures, and once I set up one card, Shutterfly automatically entered some things (last name, first names, photos) into each of the other cards I played with.

One feature I love, that I LOVE to use is the ability to change the layout of the cards.  You can change the number of photo slots, where writing is, and in some cases the type of input (change a photo spot to text).  These are wonderful!  I want to say each of these cards only took about 2 minutes to customize once I had my pictures uploaded.

I also have to admit that Kevin was missing from the original photo shoot shown here, but he was in the next photoshoot, and I'm waiting on the photos... as soon as I get them, you'll see the WHOLE family in here!  Many thanks to Erika Ouderkirk Photography for catching such great shots of the family.

Preppy Snowflakes

Preppy Frames

Simple Snowflakes

Merriest Monogram Memories Trifold

Share the Memories Trifold

Vote for your Favorite Shutterfly Holiday Card

Giveaway Details:

One lucky reader is going to win a free $50 gift code and free shipping to use for their 2013 holiday cards or photo gifts - entry is easy!

, I'm having some problems with the Rafflecopter form, so I'm going to restart the giveaway with Giveaway Tools and see if I can add all the entries that are already in Rafflecopter to the new form....

*Disclosure: I am participating in this blog tour and will be given a code and free shipping to use for my 2013 holiday cards.  All opinions are 100% mine and I am proud to share my holiday card ideas with you . :)
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