Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fracture: A New Way To Display Your Photographs!

I have just learned about a very interesting new way to showcase favorite photos... printed on glass! As described on their site (www.fractureme.com) it is a photo and frame in one. They claim it is three easy steps, and it really does look easy: 1. Upload photos, 2. Customize it, 3. Hang it up (should have an order step in there too!).

Why am I telling you about Fracture? First off, I think it is a really neat concept, especially as I LOVE taking pictures of my family and finding creative ways to show them off. Also, if I am among the first 100 bloggers to post about it, I may be chosen to receive a free Fracture to review here on Wendi's Book Corner!

So what exactly is Fracture?
* Vibrant, rich and glossy colors
* Perfectly flat glass surface
* The "HD-TV look but for photos"


* Because the entire frame is printed digitally, there are potentially limitless ways you can make your Fracture unique
* While we offer a variety of border options to add depth and flavor to your photos, keep your eyes open for an ever-growing list of options in the future

*Safer than an ordinary glass frame and more shatter-proof
* No sharp edges

* No need to go to multiple stores to print, frame and hang your photos - a Fracture is the economical one step solution.
* When you buy a Fracture, you don't need anything else - not even screws to mount it with.


* Arrives ready to be mounted with everything you need

* Images won't fade
* Guaranteed to last even under the worst conditions at least 3-5 years (continuous exposure to full sunlight)
* Because the print is actually on the backside of the glass, it is never vulnerable to scratching so you can windex as much as you like

About Fracture: (from their site)
How did all this silliness start? During the summer of 2008, Alex and Abhi were doing non-profit work in Swaziland, a tiny little country on the south eastern edge of Africa (seriously). During much of their down-time, they got to thinking about things they cared for the most, things like art, entrepreneurship and peanut butter. While pondering these deep thoughts, they realized that the concept of art and art display had pretty much remained the same for hundreds of years. Then Abhi said to Alex: "…and we shall call it… Fracture!". Ok, so we skipped a bunch of details, but eventually after lots (lots) of brainstorming and a bit of action, we were sold on the idea and scrambled to make it a reality. We stuck with the name because it really embodied the sense of surprise, irony and story-telling that went hand-in-hand with our vision for the future. Since then, Fracture has grown and changed in dozens of ways as we learn and try to adapt to the real needs of our customers and our market. Thats a philosophy we strive to keep alive - even when it means reinventing the company for the third time. Today, Fracture's vision is clear: to make printing as customized and personal as the pictures themselves and to make decorating as easy and exciting as taking the picture was.

Check out Fracture online:

I wrote this blog post in response to a TwitterMoms RAMBO alert, making me eligible to get a Fracture picture frame for review. You can learn more about Fracture at http://www.fractureme.com.


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