Monday, March 29, 2010

Review: Becoming Beauty by Dimitri James

Becoming Beauty: Professional beauty expert and creator of SKINN Cosmetics, Dimitri James, reveals secret tips, tricks and tools to unveil your astonishing beauty!
by Dimitri James

SSpreSS, a division of A Studio Z ~ 110 pages
Non-Fiction / Beauty

Edition Reviewed: Paperback - Review copy received courtesy of SKINN Cosmetics and Lisa Cocuzza PR / It's a Glam Thing ~ Many thanks to both for sending me a review copy!

Perfect for : Personal Use, Gift for teenager interested in makeup and beauty, Gift for anyone interested in beauty tips

My Thoughts: I'll start by saying that I've spent hours looking online for home-remedy type recipes for beauty issues such as smoother skin on my feet and elbows, teeth whitening the natural way, a spa-type soaking bath recipe, etc. Imagine my surprise when I opened this book and began to read, expecting another beauty book that uses large colorful pictures, and instead I found an absolute wealth of information for ALL areas of beauty, including the above mentioned beauty issues. To clarify, this is not a book packed with color pictures, in fact, the only full-color picture is on the cover, instead Dimitri James has shared a wealth of information covering all areas of beauty, and including everything from easy and affordable home remedies to products from his SKINN Cosmetics line.

I'm thrilled to be able to tell you that this book contains so many great tips and recipes for saving money in so many different areas of beauty,

When I first received this book I was SO excited, and I began to flip through the book expecting wonderful color pictures with plenty of help in applying makeup and some fun beauty tips. Let me warn you that while this is a beauty book, it does not contain color pictures, but rather loads of information and helpful tips that are sure to help you with many beauty issues and topics.

Content: Four main sections (Skinn is In! 1-2, Put Your Best Face (and Hair) Forward 3-8, Perfect Your Look9-11, and Total Beauty12-14) include the following chapters: Your Skinn Beauty Ritual, Beauty Recipes My Grandmothers Would Love, Hair, Eyebrows, Eyes, Contouring Cheeks and Face, Lips, Foundation, Attention to Details, Your Signature Style, Beauty for that Special Day, Diet, Exercise and Health, If you Must, Cosmetic Surgery, Absolute Beauty and Emotional Wellness. The Appendix includes: The Skinn Care System, Skinn's Color Cosmetics

About the Book:

Back Cover: Internationally recognized beauty, hair and skin care expert, Dimitri James, shares his 25 years of experience in creating total head to toe “make-over magic!”

Get the most out of your look by learning the simple building blocks of skin care, make-up, hair, clothing and accessories to build the best you possible!

• Become your own brand by discovering your personal unique style.
• Make a powerful impression by discovering the secret language of color.
• Look like you stepped out of a magazine cover on your wedding day.
• 50 ways to beat acne for good.
• Disguise figure faults by choosing the right clothing for your body type.
• Strengthen your internal beauty and project a stronger more powerful image.
• Never have to ask “how do I look” ever again.
• Look 10 years younger with skin care recipes you can make in your own kitchen.
• Learn the right hair style and hair color for your personal face structure and never have a bad hair day again.


"Split Ends Mask:
1 mashed ripe banana
1 cup yogurt
1 tablespoon honey

Mix all ingredients together. Apply to hair. Leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Finish with a cold-water rinse."

~ page 26 “Becoming Beauty" by Dimitri James

About the Author & Skinn Cosmetics: (From the Skinn Website)

Before starting Skinn Cosmetics, I worked for twenty years with the largest cosmetic houses in the world. I found myself constantly frustrated with the way they did business. Unfortunately, the big cosmetic companies never seem to care about making quality products that actually help the consumer. Their "formula" was always the same: make a cheap product, put it in a fancy jar with a nice box and charge as much as possible. After learning that I was never going to change how those big companies do business from within, I realized I needed to change the nature of the very industry in which they operate.

When I launched Skinn in 2002 the question most asked was "How are you going to do it Dimitri? How are you going to give us more products, better products, and keep them at a comparable price?" The answer was really quite simple. After working at the highest levels of the big cosmetics houses, I learned that the money they spend does not go into the product. In fact, it seems to go everywhere but the product: ad campaigns, department store counter space, Park Avenue offices, and, most of all, packaging. Believe it or not, most companies spend more money on the container and fancy boxes than on the product that's inside. I used to sit in meetings in those Park Avenue offices to talk about how to improve the company's products. Those meetings always seem to end the same: "Let's change the packaging." Upgrading the product was always deemed too costly as it would require re-educating the consumer about what constitutes a quality product. In essence the secret would be out that water does not have to be the first ingredient in every product.

Skinn offers its products only through televised home shopping, the internet and exclusive, privately owned spas throughout North America. This has allowed us to reach the maximum amount of people, while keeping overhead very low. We don't have expensive retail shops or New York office suites; you won't see costly magazine or prime time TV ads. What we do have are some of the finest cosmetics ever made. You'll see the difference!


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