Monday, February 7, 2011

Question For You: Regarding Wednesday's ARC Expo - Should it Change to More of a Wish List Post?

I'm looking for some feedback/input.  Would anyone be willing to join in a weekly posting for wish listed books?

Wish List Wednesday
Wishing On A Wednesday

??? Any suggestions ???

I knew that starting an ARC swap weekly posting and actually getting lots of participants would be hard to get going... and it has been. :) So I'm wondering if it would be more popular to make it a little easier... still encouraging sharing books, but instead of limiting to ARCs, we simply post a wish list and tell readers what we'd be willing to do if someone has a book on our wish list (buddy credit from paperback swap, pay postage, etc).

Would anyone be interested in this?  I'd love some feedback!

:)  ~ Wendi


Tara said...

That sounds like a great idea! I know a lot of people have a Trade Tab on their blog, so they could just link up that page! I'm getting a blog re-design and will be adding a trade tab!

A Backwards Story said...

At the moment, most of the ARCs come from work, so I feel weird about donating them on the blog instead of sticking them back at work for my co-workers to read. Then again, there are so many ARCs just sitting there...but mostly adult fiction/non-fiction. Otherwise I'd love to participate! Sorry :(

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