Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Haven't Joined Triberr Yet? This Is One Social Media Tool You Don't Want To Miss Out On!

In short, Triberr is an awesome new social media tool that will expand your exposure by leaps and bounds! And it is FREE to join... you just need an invitation to someone who already has a tribe.

The way I understand it, and have seen it work so far, is that Triberr takes new blog posts of each team member and schedules it to be Tweeted by the rest of the Tribe members.  If a member doesn't have a post for the day, no Tweets are sent for them, and if they have more than one, they are scheduled out so there isn't a huge Twitter mess.  Even better, each Tweet is scheduled to stagger, so that of your tribe members, each is sending out a tweet about your blog post at a different time, which helps your exposure even more!

Example of a Tweet sent via Triberr:

Triberr scheduled and sent out this Tweet from my Twitter account on behalf of one of my Tribe members, Simply Stacie, and provided the link to her blog post about Build A Better Blog Week.

Basic Benefits:
Free To Join
Easy To Set Up
Requires Almost No Time Once Set Up
Don't need to stay logged in, Triberr takes care of everything automatically
Increases Your Social Media Exposure on Twitter
Gives Your Twitter Followers Additional Content They Might Not Otherwise See
You Help Your Tribe Members By Sharing Their Posts Automatically
Example of a working Tribe:

I am currently a member in a Tribe of 7 total bloggers.  I myself only have 446 Twitter followers, but when combined with my 6 other Tribe members, my posts reach a total of 22,335+ Twitter followers!  That is the power of social media and friend working together!  And the exposure doesn't stop there.

Since I'm on someone else's Tribe, I can now start 3 of my own, so if you are interested or want to learn more (I can try to answer questions!), send me an email at wbarker@hotmail.com or leave a message here and I'll see what I can do.


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