Monday, May 23, 2011

SheSpeaks and P&G Future Friendly Program: Cascade Action Pacs - Save Water, Save Time, Save The Environment... All While Making Washing Your Dishes Easier and Faster (Ditch Pre-Scrubbing!)

Cascade Products - Cascade - Action Pacs, Blue, 12.7 oz. Reclosable Bag - Sold As 1 Pack - Combines Cascade powder and Dawn liquid dishwashing soaps into one pac. - Provides scrubbing action plus grease cutting power. - Easy to load without mess.After using Cascade Action Pacs one time, I was hooked! You see, I used to have to scrub every single dish, glass, and piece of silverware prior to washing them in the dishwasher, or they didn't get clean, and would come out with food still stuck on... but after giving Cascade Action Pacs a try, I was completely won over.

It took quite a leap of faith for me to give Cascade Action Pacs a try without pre-washing/scrubbing, but when I did, I was SHOCKED!  My dishes actually came out clean! Even when I put them into the dishwasher with dried on food!

I can still remember looking at my husband and bemoaning all the years I've spent scrubbing each dish clean and then washing them in our supposedly high-efficiency Kitchenaid dishwasher.  I can't even start to estimate the time these little packs of gold are saving me, not to mention water.

While they are a little more expensive than the traditional Cascade powder dishwashing detergent I was using, the cost is more than made up for in the time and water savings.

I have now used one entire bag of pacs, and in the time it took me to go through them, I only had to re-wash my crock-pot insert once (it had A LOT of baked on food residue) and one knife that had dried on banana on it.  But other than that, those little Action Pacs have done all the hard work for me!

If you are looking for an easy mess-free way to get your dishes done (especially if you are like I was and have been pre-scrubbing all your dishes), give these a try!  I'm so glad I did.  :)

Cascade Action Pacs
Cascade Products
Edition Reviewed: Pack of Cascade Action Pacs - Received as part of the SheSpeaks and P&G Future Friendly Program

About the Future Friendly Program from P&G: (for more info, visit the site here)
All Future Friendly products meet strict, science-based performance criteria and represent the value, convenience and innovation consumers expect from us. The criteria for Future Friendly products include:
    • Deliver a meaningful environmental benefit in one or more of the following categories: energy, water or waste.
    • These reductions and environmental benefits must be supported by sound, transparent science and substantiated data.

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