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Teaser Tuesday: Deep Deception by Dee Davis

hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading ~

Deep Disclosure
"Actually, if he'd wanted you dead he would have shot you. Looked to me like he was trying to subdue you."

"Yeah, well, that didn't work out too well, did it?"

~ page 40 “Deep Disclosure (A-TAC Series book 4)" by Dee Davis

This book isn't out quite yet, but I put aside EVERYTHING else I have on my to-do list in order to jump right in and see what happens in this, the forth book in the A-TAC series by Dee Davis!

About Deep Disclosure by Dee Davis:

After spending years in prison under deep cover, black ops agent Tucker Flynn joins A-Tac, an elite CIA unit masquerading as faculty at an Ivy League college. Nothing can shake him-except a vulnerable young woman marked for death.


When Tucker is assigned to protect-and secretly investigate-Alexis Markham, he expects a routine mission. But this mysterious beauty has a past even darker than his: her father created a horrifying new biochemical weapon-and was murdered to keep it secret.

Alexis has spent the last decade racing to stay one step ahead of the shadowy operatives who will stop at nothing to possess her father's formula. She can trust no one, not even her handsome new bodyguard. But the heat that flares between them is impossible to resist. Will giving in to passion bring her the safety she's always craved, or will her love for Tucker draw him into a killer's sights?

:) I always look forward to reading everyone's teasers! ~ Wendi

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Kristin Aragon said...

Sounds like a really great book.

My Tuesday Teaser

Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead

Anonymous said...

Awesome teaser... will have to check out this book now:)

Thanks for the visit.


Books4Juliet said...

Nice teaser :) Enjoy your books! I'm currently reading Uncommon Criminals and here's my Teaser Tuesday

New follower,
April (books4juliet)

WildIrishRose33 said...

Ah. I like it. :-) You picked a great teaser.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours. Wicked cute. And you should totally go check out Humanity Scar!

Angry Asian Librarian said...

Thanks for posting your teaser at UTS Library! I always see something new and interesting on your site!

Laya said...

Sounds like she's got his number, lol. Intriguing teaser!

Thanks for dropping by mine! :)

Kyanara_night said...

Great teaser!

have a wonderfull tuesday!
Laced Little Muffin's reading Corner

Sharon said...

A great teaser! I hope to read this book sometime soon.

My TT,

Have a nice week :)

Shelley Munro said...

Intriguing teaser. I don't know how I missed this series. I'm off to check it out.

Here’s My Teaser

Cristina said...

Awesome teaser! I love your blog - I am a new follower now. I am also going over to check out your other blog. Thank you very much for stopping by at

Kah Woei said...

A very big difference between the two :-)

quirky girls said...

Your teaser gave me a chuckle.
The series sounds interesting. I am always a sucker for any sort of spy, CIA, black ops anything. I will have to check it out.


Julie @ Read Handed said...

Interesting teaser. Thanks for sharing! If you get a chance, mine is here.

Jac @ ForLoveandBooks said...

What a great teaser! I love Dee Davis!

(Mine is here

Juju at Tales of said...

Sounds like some good snarky fun. Great teaser.

Moxie said...

Boy, good thing I found your blog! I haven't read any of the previous 3 books in the series. Got a lot of catching up to do! Thanks Wendi! xx

Deepali said...

Sounds interesting! Thanks for dropping by e-Volving Books

Heather said...

Great teaser, Wendi - sounds like a good book!

Anonymous said...

What a great teaser! Now I want to read the series.

Here's my tease:

Under the Covers said...

I just read my first ever Dee Davis book last week (a short A-Tac story) and loved it. Great teaser!

Check out mine

New follower

Lacey said...

Hey Wendi!

Great teaser choice. Sounds like a fun fun read.

New follower.

Thanks for checking me out.

Take care, hope to see you around the blogs


Tribute Books Mama said...

Fascinating teaser!

MichelleKCanada said...

humm, I have a Dee Davis book that I won in a contest. I wonder if this is it. I've never read one of Davis' books before.

My first time with a Teaser Tuesday and I'm seeing so many cool teases and blogs. My tease is at my blog. I chose DarkFever

MichelleKCanada @AnotherLookBook

Christine Rains said...

Nice teaser! Mine's from Ghost Story this week.

Alice Audrey said...

Excellent teaser. I'd love to know how it didn't work out.

Georgia Girls said...

Awesome! Great teaser. Thank you for stopping by.

Sonia Lal said...

She doesn't sound subdued! lol

Sunny said...

Great Teaser, Amazing Cover, and the plot even sounds interesting! This is why my TBR list is so long!!

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Oooh nice teaser!

Thanks for stopping by my TT :)

wutheringwillow said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Intriguing teaser!

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