Monday, November 21, 2011

Earn Cash Weekly on Jingit (Up to $520/Year... And It's FREE, Just Takes A Few Minutes Per Week)

I started Jingit 2 weeks ago, and I LOVE it! I have earned $14.26 so far and I hope to earn the full $520 by next Christmas! I think it would be great to earn my Christmas money this way.

My Balance/limit Bar as of 11/21!
For just a few minutes each week watching fun, short ads online, we can earn money to load on a Visa Debit Card or redeem for great songs and album downloads on

If you select to get the Debit Card, once it arrives, you can instantly load your money onto it, whenever you want!  What would you do with up to $520 a year in cash?

Start earning cash each week with me, sign up for Jingit today!

*Disclosure: As a current Jingit member, my weekly earning limit will be raised by $0.25 per week each time someone joins via my link, until I reach the maximum of $10.00 per week


Cindy said...

Good Luck I am sure you will do well with this. Unfortunetly I can't sign up because I am in Canada. It sounds like a great idea though.

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