Monday, October 29, 2012

Have You Been Boo'd This Halloween Season? Sharing Some Halloween Fun With Neighbors

We've just been Boo'd, and have since Boo'd two neighbors, with two more coming up (we had too much fun to stop at just 2 as the neighborhood tradition stipulates...).

If you aren't aware of the good-natured neighborhood 'Boo-ing', take note, its not too late to get it going in your own neighborhood:

The idea is pretty simple as a sort of Pay-It-Forward concept.

Secretly leave a Halloween treat for a neighbor and encourage them (via a note) to Boo two more neighbors, thus spreading Halloween cheer.

Last year I'd seen some papers taped to front doors throughout the neighborhood, and I didn't realize what they were.  This year we were Boo'd ourselves so we know what it is all about now!

I asked a friend at our son's school if she knew about Boo-ing, and she told me that their neighborhood has been doing it for over 10 years, and that almost every house in the whole neighborhood get's Boo'd!

Start this fun tradition in your neighborhood:

1. Visit and print two copies of your notice
2. Put together two Boo-bags, including the Boo notices.  Some ideas include:
         Bags of candy
         Party favor type items
         Little toys
         A fun Halloween book
         A fun game
3. Pick two neighbors
4. Wait until dark
5. Sneak over and leave the Boo-treats on their doorsteps
6. Ring the doorbell or not - your choice
7. Watch in the coming days to see who else gets Boo'd and watch the Halloween cheer blossom


Ashley T said...

aw, I wish I would have seen this yesterday. Great Idea!

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