Friday, November 16, 2012

Share a Scholastic Book at School With A Friend In Need This Holiday

Today, I had a chance to talk with our son's Kindergarten teacher in passing.  I hadn't thought about some children not having the ability to participate in things like the Scholastic book orders or Popcorn Friday until my husband asked our son if any of his friends didn't get to bring home popcorn on Popcorn Friday.  When he mentioned two friends, it made me wonder, so I asked his teacher if there were any children whose families were unable to pay for those fun treats.  

You see, Popcorn Friday is only a few dollars, and Scholastic books on special are sometimes as low as $1.00.  Our son's teacher was able to confirm without sharing any names that there are a few children who don't get to participate in those activities, so on Monday, I will be taking in money to sponsor 3-5 children's Popcorn Friday, and with our next Scholastic Book Order, I will be ordering extra copies of Corduroy's Christmas Surprise, which costs only $1.00!  I will be asking our son's teacher to put the books into the backpacks of those children who never get to order books so that they too get to experience the excitement of taking a book home!

I have also picked up multiples of some of the Disney Wonderful World of Reading books that we collect, and we will be donating them to our son's classroom.  

I encourage you to speak with your child's teacher if you are able to share a book order book, or buy a special treat, and see if there are any children who would not otherwise get to participate in fun extras at school, because I remember those as special and exciting days from my own school days, and I hope to share those memories with others.


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