Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make Kids Food and Party Food More Fun With FunBites (Review)

Sometimes, getting kids to eat there food can be a chore - or a pain-in-the-neck!

Lucky for me, I got to try out the FunBites food cutters (I tried out the pink heart-shaped cutter seen in the picture to the left).  They took a normal lunch that got grazed earlier in the week (eat a little now, go play, ask for more food, pull it back out, eat a little more, etc), to a fun meal that was played with while the entire thing was eaten.

FunBites are sort of like a really thick cookie cutter with partitions inside the design, with an insert that pushes the cut food back out.  There is a pattern with hearts (that can be made into sail boats, ice cream cones, etc with the shapes), squares and a brand new triangle cutter.

Washing is easy - handwash in warm soapy water is suggested, but they are also top rack dishwasher safe if you put it in there with the insert IN the cutter.

I had a lot of fun putting the boy's lunches together and giving them plenty of shapes to play with.  Pizza was an easy cut as was bread... lunch meat was a bit harder, and I recommend cutting cheese LAST as it really liked to stick to the cutter.

I love that you can look through the cutter to line up your food - it made it possible to line things up so as to minimize the "leftover" pieces... which I promptly ate while working on the next piece.  The bottom of the cutters are curved, which makes it easy to rock back and forth to ensure that you cut all the way through the food you are cutting.

I will be heading to my local Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up the green Square cutter so I can have bowls of cut fruit and fun things that can be stacked onto skewers.

Overall - a BLAST for kids food!

I also thing these would be great for cutting finger foods for a party or get-together, and I think the square cutter would be great for cutting fruits for a fondue party.

FunBites Food Cutters  
by FunBites  

Price: $12.99/1 and $22.99 for 2 on their website
Website / Facebook / Twitter

Disclosure:  Sample Reviewed: Pink Heart Cutter - Review sample received courtesy of FunBites while participating in a tour through Karma Media Team!  All opinions are mine and are based on my experience with the product.


Mommy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sailboat!!! I'm gonna show that to my son so he can make some really cute stuff too!


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