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The Amazing Action Alphabet - A Powerful Way To Help Your Child Learn Letters and Sounds

I'm always on the lookout for teaching/learning tools that will help me give my kids the best possible jump-start for their learning, and I love what The Amazing Action Alphabet does for kids.  It helps them learn by seeing, hearing and doing something, so they are engaging 3 different senses while learning!

In the Intro to the flip book, the author makes a GREAT point, that it is easier to learn something new when you can relate to it, so she is using things kids can usually already relate to in order to give new information (animals), she then uses the animal to tell a story about why the letter sounds the way it does.

For example, when learning the letter 'A', kids are introduced to A the Alligator, who is angry at the army of ants who has taken off his apple.  As a parent, I read the story of A the Alligator to my son, and then get him to act out how A the Alligator might act when he is angry.  I then re-read the story and act it out with my child.  LOVE this active learning!!

Each letter has its own animal... B the Bear, C the Caterpillar, etc.  They are fun and colorful animals that kids love to interact with.

While your child sees the picture of the alphabet letter/animal (Upper and lower case), you are able to read the story from the back of the flip book, turn the page and repeat!!  It is easy and fun.

This is an absolutely wonderful way to get young kids interested in learning their ABC's, and it works!!

The Amazing Action Alphabet Flip Chart and CD 
by Esther Kehl, illustrated by Andy Carlson

See Hear Do Company
Teaching Aid / Kids / Pre-K

Edition Reviewed: Flip Chart and CD - Review copy received courtesy of the publisher and MediaGuests for participation in a review tour ~ all opinions are 100% mine!

About the Book:
It is a simple combination of seeing + hearing + doing that = LEARNING! Researchers and educators have found that people retain 20% of what they hear, 50% of what they see and hear, and up to 90% of what they see, hear, say, and do. The system, called The Amazing Action Alphabet, offers a popular flip chart with alphabet characters and stories, a CD of each alphabet character, activity books, visual aids such as posters and placemats, and mini books.

The Amazing Action Alphabet approach is based on a series of engaging alphabet characters, involves seeing, hearing, and ‘doing’ physical actions, making it possible for children to retain more of their learning. The success of the system lies in the combination of multi-sensory, hands on experiences that engage and involve young learners. Esther continually receives enthusiastic feedback from parents and educators who have remarked how fun, simple and effective the Amazing Action Alphabet books are.

About the Author: (from MediaGuests site)
Esther Kehl established the SeeHearDoCompany LLC in 2006. She is a former elementary education teacher and reading specialist. While working in education, she saw the need for a comprehensive strategy to help students succeed in letter and sound acquisition. Not being able to find a comprehensive, user-friendly system on the market, she created her own system which she has continually been working on for 17 years. Her first book was published in 2004, and she continually works on new products that benefits the early learner. Her books have been highlighted on television programs, preschools throughout the United States, blogs, and newspapers.

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Heather Capewell said...

Thank you for this review. As a homeschooling mother of three we are always looking for new, fun ways to teach our children.

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