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Author Interview: C.H. Admirand (Romance Author)

This is so exciting - I had the opportunity to interview romance author C.H. Admirand.  So to start, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to C.H. Admirand for taking the time to do the interview with me, and for sharing some really fun facts with us.

I've had the pleasure of reviewing two of the three books from the Secret Life of Cowboys: Tyler, and Jesse

C.H. Admirand has a new book coming out November 1st 2012 called A Wedding in Apple Grove.  Synopsis:
Welcome to Apple Grove, Ohio (population 597) where everyone has your best interests at heart... Love is in the air and the proof is in the painted proposal on the water tower. Every girl in Apple Grove looks forward to her beau following town tradition by getting on a ladder and making his love for her public.

When Daniel Eagan moves to town, his matchmaking neighbors direct him toward the Mulcahys. But when the petite and winsome Megan arrives on his doorstep in khakis and a tool belt, sparks start flying between the new guy and the hometown girl...
1. The Garahan brothers from your Secret Lives of Cowboys series and the Circle G Ranch they are working hard on really came to life in the pages of your books. What inspired you to create The Circle G Ranch? Does it exist in real life?

I’ve been a fan of Westerns (TV and Silver Screen) for years and have always been drawn to the episodes/movies where something big was at stake…usually the ranch. I love history and am working on tracing out my great-grandfather’s roots in Ireland, so I added that in when I started writing contemporary westerns, tying my modern-day Garahan brothers with their ancestors from my first book THE MARSHAL’S DESTINY…they’re related to Marshal Ben Justiss. Sooo fictionally speaking…the ranch and the Garahans so exist. :)

2. All of the Garahan brothers seem to be great guys, do you have a favorite? 

It’s a tough choice, but Jesse would be my favorite, because of all that he’s been through and he still can’t keep from falling in love with little Lacy and Danielle.

3. By the time I was done reading Jesse, I could almost taste Uncle Jimmy's Chocolate Pie - and I've wanted a good chocolate pie ever since! Have you ever shared the recipe (I'm going on the assumption that somewhere you have a favorite recipe that brings back fond memories here)?

Actually, I do have that recipe somewhere…it was my great-grandfather’s, he and my great-grandmother had a tavern in Livingston years ago, and he shared the cooking. When we were little, he’d make his chocolate pie when he knew we were coming for a visit. :)

4. You've written around 20 published books - do you have a favorite? Why or why not?

Usually, it’s the book I’m working on at the moment…BUT…I am in the next phase with the Digital Comic and working with the most talented artist in the world, Jorge Correa, Jr. and he’s asking for indepth descriptions of the characters. Because some of them appear in my Irish Western Series, I had to go back and look up physical descriptions for him. When I did, I ended up re-reading big chunks of that series and have to say I really love the last book in the series…A GIFT FROM HOME…because it starts over in Ireland. I really loved writing that book and am in the process of getting the rights back for that one too.

5. Over the years, I've learned that authors sometimes do wonderful things to make sure their stories are as real as they can be (exotic trips and experiences, story boards, writing from fun memories, etc), how do you find your inspiration, and do you do anything special to bring your characters and places to life?

It was a cross-country trip that had me falling in love with Colorado that inspired my first book, which ended up launching my Irish Western Romance series. Tie that in with a life-long love of Westerns and the quintessential American Hero…the Cowboy and you have the core of that series and my current series from Sourcebooks…The Secret Life of Cowboys. Although it hadn’t been my intention at the time, because I didn’t ask the right questions I went along for the ride to support an author friend and ended up at LeBare in Houston…a ladies club. After suffering from extreme mortification through the first few dancers, a cowboy walked on the stage and my creative side took notice and had me wondering why would a “real” cowboy be up on that stage. And I knew…to save the Circle G Ranch! For my upcoming Small Town USA series from Sourcebooks, I took a detour on the way home from Lori Foster’s Reader Event last year to drive to Purity, Ohio. The original name of the series and town in my book. I took pictures and was beyond grateful for my hand-held, voice-activated recorder…I had one whole tape’s worth of observations as I was driving to and through Purity. I added in the neighborhood I grew up in and the one we’ve lived in for the last 30 years to come up with the perfect small town…which is now Apple Grove, Ohio.

6. When you read for pleasure, what types of books do you enjoy? Any all-time favorites? 

I’m a die-hard Romance fan. Some of my faves are by Nora Roberts , Julie Garwood, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christina Skye. All time favorite book – historical: Ransom by Julie Garwood. Contemporary: The Return of Rafe Mackade.

7. In Jesse, we get to read about two sets of Garahan cousins, dare we readers hold out hope of a spin-off series involving the cousins?

Actually, I will be working on the proposal for two new series, hoping to catch my editor’s interest, with the Colorado Lawmen…the Garahans’ Justiss cousins…and with the FDNY Garahans.

First I have to finish book 3 in my Small Town USA series…the hero just happens to be Patrick Garahan, former FDNY firefighter who has relocated to Apple Grove to escape a tragedy in his past.

8. I understand from your website that you are working on a Digital Comic called Bring 'Em Back Alive, which will be a Western Romance. Can you tell us anything about it yet? Have you seen early pictures? 

I just received the pencil and ink layouts for Megan O’Mara and Michael Flynn…and they are PERFECT!!! The artist, Jorge Correa, Jr. is a genius. I’m attaching the layouts for you to check out. I’m so excited about this comic, firstly because it is a whole new process for me and the opportunity to learn something new is always challenging…and in this particular case…FUN!

9. In your Bio, you talk about the fact that you often love to include bits of your ancestry in your books, are you able to share one or two examples? 

In my first book, THE MARSHAL’S DESTINY, the cameo picture on the cover is my great-grandmother, the real Margaret Mary Flaherty when she was about 22 years old. She’s also the namesake for my heroine. The bits and pieces of her character are taken from 3 generations of feisty Irishwomen: Flaherty, Daly, Garahan, and Purcell. OH…and the scene where she whacks the bad guy over the head with a cast iron frying pan is taken from a real-life incident…my hubby’s grandmother did that, but I can’t really talk about the details…yet. In the first book in my Medieval Trilogy, I use my Purcell Ancestor’s family castle Loughmoe Castle in Tipperary, Ireland (there’s a pic on my website) renaming it Loughmae Keep and move it to Northumbria, England. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Again, I'd like to say a huge Thank You to C.H. Admirand for taking the time to do this interview with me, and for letting me share this interview with you.

~ Wendi


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