Monday, September 3, 2012

Giveaway: Crashers by Lindy S. Hudis (Rafflecopter, 3 Winners, 9/22)


This fabulous giveaway is brought to you by author Lindy S Hudis and Karma Media.
Crashers is a modern day cautionary tale in a true to life novel and 3 lucky winners 
A riveting story of love and desperation, greed and redemption.

Fraudulent car accidents is a multi-million dollar racket, involving unscrupulous medical providers, personal injury attorneys, and the cooperating passengers involved in the accidents—and who also receive a portion of the illegal proceeds. Such is the fate of newly engaged, Nathan and Shari, whose joy is tempered by the dark cloud of mounting debt.

A chance encounter with a stranger in whom Shari confides her troubles proves fortuitous: he tells her of a get-rich-quick scheme that will put her and her fianc√© on easy street. Seduced by the chance to move from hard times to good times in no time, Sheri takes the carrot offered her, and finds herself acting as a “stuffed passenger”—the “victim” in a staged auto accident. The act goes according to plan and Shari gets her payday, but getting out and breaking free of the insurance fraud underworld will take nothing short of a miracle.

Across the nation, insurance fraud from staged auto accident schemes costs the insured more than $50 billion yearly. Crashers is a true-to-life novel that uncovers how the innocent get lured into the scheme of "cappers" and "hammers."

Ending on 22 September 2012 at 11.59pm EST

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