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Saturday, September 13, 2008

New and Notable: The Secret Soldier by Jennifer Morey (Silhouette Romantic Suspense)

Title: The Secret Soldier
Author: Jennifer Morey
Pages: 211 pages
Edition: Standard Book (Silhouette Romantic Suspense), I received this book from eHarlequin as part of their We Hear You program. It was the perfect book to bring along on a family vacation!

Update 10/9/08: Click here to read my interview with Jennifer Morey!

Perfect for : Personal reading

In a nutshell: A fun, quick romantic read. I loved the names in the book, which was deceptively simple, creating a story that was really enjoyable but easy to read. Meet Sabine, who is kidnapped by suspected terrorists while testing water quality in Afghanistan. Her partner on the project is also kidnapped, and is tortured in front of her. A mysterious soldier rescues her just-in-time. Meet Cullen "Rudy" McQueen - Behind-the-scenes American Hero/Special Ops leader, who is hired by Sabine's estranged father Noah to bring his daughter home safely. On the way home, things go horribly wrong, they (Sabine and "Rudy") survive being shot out of the sky, a crash landing in Greece, and a short recovery in a Greek island paradise. "Rudy" delivers Sabine home to her father, and shortly after, more attempts are made on her life. Cullen/Rudy and Sabine's father must work together to determine who is trying to kill Sabine. Meanwhile, things are heating up between Sabine and Cullen - could it be love? I was hooked after reading the first few pages, and the story continued to keep my attention until the end, which I really enjoyed and almost chuckled aloud while sitting quietly in my mother-in-law's living room.

Product description from Amazon.com:
The powerful stranger broke down the door and saved Sabine O'Clery from the terrorists holding her hostage. But her secretive hero was forbidden from revealing his identity. Until enemy fire forced them to crash-land.…

Of all the covert military missions, being stranded on a Greek island with a beautiful woman is one that Cullen McQueen never imagined. But their stay in paradise was all too fleeting. He had to take Sabine back to America, or risk blowing his cover and losing everything he'd fought for. Yet memories of one passion-filled night haunted him… and when danger followed Sabine home, the stealth soldier knew he would break all the rules to keep her safe forever.

The story takes place in current day Afghanistan, Greece and Denver. The story centers around Sabine O'Clery, who is kidnapped with her partner Samuel while they are in Afghanistan testing the water quality in local villages.

There is an air of mystery surrounding the reasons why Sabine and Samuel are taken, and Sabine wonders if Samuel knows why they were taken, but is trying to shelter her from the knowledge. Samuel is brutally tortured in front of Sabine.

Just in the nick-of-time, a mysterious soldier appears in the dark to rescue Sabine (and Samuel, but they are too late to save him). The rescue is sabotaged along the way, and after surviving a helicopter crash and a plane crash on a Greek island, Sabine gets to know her rescuer a little better as she recovers enough to continue the trip back to the United States.

Cullen "Rudy" McQueen lives to do good through his secret company SCS, while working for the government as a reservist for his cover. His cover is blown when a picture is taken of him kissing Sabine goodbye - a very steamy kiss by all accounts!

Cullen does get Sabine back to her estranged father Noah, and later discovers that additional attempts are made to kill Sabine. He jumps back into action to make sure she remains safe, and the story just keeps getting better.

I won't tell you how it ends, but there is a twist, and I really enjoyed the story! (Couldn't put it down until I reached the end - a fun read from start to finish)

About the author:

This is Jennifer Morey's first novel. Visit her website here.

From her site:
Known for her big smile and infectious laugh, Jennifer Morey writes her happy endings in a little northern town of sunny Colorado. A twin with five amazing brothers and sisters and an invincible dad, it’s no wonder she’s so effervescent. Don’t let the quiet moments fool you!
Jennifer’s first stories were inspired by her childhood love of Man O' War, Secretariat, and The Black Stallion, by Walter Farley. Bubbles of dialogue above cartoon drawings of horses led to hand-written tales of adolescent love. Years later, and two months after graduating from Colorado State University with a BS in geology, her mother died suddenly and changed the course of her life. The writer in her resurfaced, and she pursued a serious career.
Associate Project Manager for the Spacecraft Systems Segment of a satellite imagery and information company, Jennifer works with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and cat-herds her rocket scientist co-workers. When not writing or trying not to daydream at work, she can be found playing volleyball, hiking, flower gardening, socializing, or cuddling with her rescued golden retriever and feisty yellow lab.
Finalist in more than twenty contests, Jennifer has received several awards for her writing, one of which led to the publication of her debut novel, The Secret Soldier. She welcomes messages from readers.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the glowing review, Wendi! I treasure any feedback from readers, but yours is among my faves.

So far I have two more books contracted with SRS, with no sign that they will limit the number going into the All McQueen's Men miniseries. Look for Book 2 next spring. I don't have a title yet, but will let you know as soon as I get details.

Thanks again!

Jennie (aka Jennifer Morey)

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