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Monday, December 6, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts

hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading ~

Teaser :
Meanwhile, the battle over whether a wild colored chick hat was acceptable snowman attire raged on. Finally, the girl who had accepted it wadded a couple of handfuls of snow into a giant snowball.

Uh-oh, thought Kiley with a smile.

But instead of throwing it the girl pushed her lump of snow onto one side of the snowman's chest, saying, "Then we'll make it a girl."

~ page 52-53 “The Snow Globe" by Sheila Roberts
About the Book (from the cover):
Discover an unforgettable holiday treasure in Sheila Roberts’ heartwarming tale of love and laughter, magic and miracles, friendship and coming home…

On a blustery afternoon, Kylie Gray wanders into an antique shop and buys an enchanting snow globe. “There’s a story behind that snow globe,” the antique dealer tells her. The original owner, he explains, was a German toymaker who lost his wife and son right before Christmas. When the grieving widower received the handcrafted snow globe as a Christmas gift, he saw the image of a beautiful woman beneath the glass—a woman who would come into his life, mend his broken heart and bring him back to the world of the living. For years, the snow globe has passed from generation to generation, somehow always landing in the hands of a person in special need of a Christmas miracle.

Kiley could use a miracle herself. This year, all she wants for Christmas is someone to love. A hopeful shake leads her on an adventure that makes a believer out of her. When Kylie shares the story of the snow globe with her best friends—two women with problems of their own—they don’t believe it. But they’re about to discover that at Christmastime, sometimes the impossible becomes possible and miracles really do come true.
I always look forward to reading everyone's teasers! ~ Wendi


kalea_kane said...

Great teaser, Wendi! I just love Christmas stories. :)

gautami tripathy said...

Love that teaser!

Have a great reading week!

Teaser Tuesady: Miss Hildreth Wore Brown by Olivia deBelle Byrd

jlshall said...

Wonderful teaser! Sounds like a perfect book for the season.

Alice Audrey said...

Good solution. What did the other kids think?

My teaser is here.

Mystica said...

Love the cover as well.

My post is also up as well as my first giveaway. Please do visit.

Jenny Q said...

Cute teaser! I've heard good things about this book. My teaser is from Across the Universe, and I'm giving away a pair of romances, too!

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