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Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Fun: The Honey Bee Tree Game

International Playthings Honey Bee TreeThis was one of the first games we ever played last year with our then three-year old son, and it continues to provide us with countless hours of family fun.  Note: Our three year old plays with his own cute set of rules as he doesn't quite get the concept of losing if you have the most bees... and he sometimes likes to pull out more than one "leaf" at a time...and we encourage this as he has SO much fun when the bees fall through the tree.  :)

So the set up of the game is simple, but DOES take a few minutes and a little patience, so have an exit strategy ready when playing (after setting up the game 10 or so times, you will know what I'm talking about).  We pull the tree base (green tray/tree trunk) out of the box and empty the leafs and bees onto the table or floor.  We then put the bee hive onto the base and begin inserting the leafs.  I like to start at the base of the hive and work up as it seems to be a little easier as you get more pieces in it.  Once all the leafs are in, you gently drop the bees on top.  Then the play begins (although we all have fun and laughs setting it up too).

Each player takes a turn taking a leaf out, and must collect the bees that fall during their turn.  The base is designed so that the player turns the tree trunk to their section of the green base, but we sometimes just turn the whole thing and take the bees out and put them in front of us when they fall.  I really believe the winner is the person with the fewest bees at the end, but as I mentioned earlier, when playing with a three year old, sometimes he just doesn't quite get that you DON'T want the bees, so we just have fun.

As our son is getting older, I'm having more fun with him as we turn it into a counting game as well.  Other lessons learned: taking turns, cause/effect, dexterity, counting.

The cutest memory I will ever have of this game was a few weekends ago.  We were all getting up on a Saturday morning and were still in pajamas.  We had just gotten out into the hallway when our son looked at my husband and said, "Daddy, lets play a game!  I want to play the Honey Pot game!" to which my husband said, "Ok!" and off they went for a spirited morning of games.  (This has now become a habit, and I love it!)

Our game is now missing two leaves and one bee, but we have absolutely no problems playing!  Overall - this is a great game for the whole family!

Honey Bee Tree
by International Playthings LLC

3-10 years +

Edition Reviewed: Standard Game - Purchased for $1.50 at a local thrift store!

About the Honey Bee Tree Game:
Players choose their numbered flower trays and then carefully pull leaves out of the honey tree, being careful not to wake the sleeping bees! If you pull out the wrong leaf or if your hand starts to shake, bees will come tumbling out of the tree onto your tray. Once all the leaves are removed from the honey tree, or all the bees are awake and out of the tree, the players with the least amount of bees in his/her flower tray is the winner.

Contents: 1 honey pot, 1 old oak tree, 1 flower tray base, 32 leaves, 30 little honey bees, game rules.

About International Playthings:
Since its inception in 1967, International Playthings, LLC has excelled in the delivery of innovative and entertaining products with integrity, superior play value and child developmental qualities to consumers. Over the course of its 40-year existence, IP LLC has grown to become one of the largest and most respected suppliers of quality products to the North American specialty industry.

A subsidiary of Epoch Company Ltd. affiliate company, IP LLC offers a comprehensive range of proprietary and distributed brands comprising a wide variety of award winning play things including games, infant toys, preschool toys, dolls, educational toys and activity toys.

Additional information on IP LLC, its brands and individual products can be found at www.intplay.com.
*Disclosure: I am an Amazon Associate


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