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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mailbox Monday: Filled To The Brim With Werewolves, Smurfs... and Chuggington Trains!

Mailbox Monday, created by Marcia at The Printed Page, is on a blog tour!

This month, Mailbox Monday is being hosted over at Life In The Thumb, so stop by and join the fun!

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren!

It is so much fun to see what everyone is getting in the mail.

Thanks for taking the time to visit ~ I just love hearing from you! Please let me know if you have read any of these books - I'd love to hear how you liked them!! :)

I've got a few new books and DVDs to share with you:

Kitty Goes to War (Kitty Norville, Book 8)Kitty Goes to War by Carrie Vaughn ~ Fiction / Fantasy / Werewolf ~ Available Now ~ Received from the publisher for review
Kitty Norville, Alpha werewolf and host of The Midnight Hour, a radio call-in show, is contacted by a friend at the NIH's Center for the Study of Paranatural Biology. Three Army soldiers recently returned from the war in Afghanistan are being held at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs. They're killer werewolves--and post traumatic stress has left them unable to control their shape-shifting and unable to interact with people. Kitty agrees to see them, hoping to help by bringing them into her pack.

Meanwhile, Kitty gets sued for libel by CEO Harold Franklin after featuring Speedy Mart--his nationwide chain of 24-hour convenience stores with a reputation for attracting supernatural unpleasantness--on her show.

Very bad weather is on the horizon.

Kitty's Big Trouble (Kitty Norville, Book 9)Kitty's Big Trouble by Carrie Vaughn ~ Fiction / Fantasy / Werewolf ~ Available Now ~ Received from the publisher for review
Kitty Norville is back and in more trouble than ever. Her recent run-in with werewolves traumatized by the horrors of war has made her start wondering how long the US government might have been covertly using werewolves in combat. Have any famous names in our own history might have actually been supernatural? She's got suspicions about William Tecumseh Sherman. Then an interview with the right vampire puts her on the trail of Wyatt Earp, vampire hunter.

But her investigations lead her to a clue about enigmatic vampire Roman and the mysterious Long Game played by vampires through the millennia. That, plus a call for help from a powerful vampire ally in San Francisco, suddenly puts Kitty and her friends on the supernatural chessboard, pieces in dangerously active play. And Kitty Norville is never content to be a pawn. . . .

Kitty's Greatest Hits (Kitty Norville)Kitty's Greatest Hits ARC by Carrie Vaughn ~ Fiction / Romance / Contemporary ~ Available August 16th ~ Received from the publisher for review
The first-ever story collection from the New York Times bestselling author, including two all-new works!

Kitty Norville, star of a New York Times bestselling series, is everybody’s favorite werewolf DJ and out-of-the-closet supernatural creature. Over the course of eight books she’s fought evil vampires, were-creatures, and some serious black magic. She’s done it all with a sharp wit and the help of a memorable cast of werewolf hunters, psychics, and if-notgood- then-neutral vampires by her side. Kitty’s Greatest Hits not only gives readers some of Kitty’s further adventures, it offers longtime fans a window into the origins of some of their favorite characters.

In “Conquistador de la Noche,” we learn the origin story of Denver’s Master vampire, Rick; with “Wild Ride,” we find out how Kitty’s friend T.J. became a werewolf; and in “Life is the Teacher,” we revisit Emma, the human-turned-unwilling-vampire who serves the aloof vampire Master of Washington, D.C.

This entertaining collection includes two brand-new works: “You’re On the Air,” about one of Kitty’s callers after he hangs up the phone; and the eagerly awaited “Long Time Waiting,” the novella that finally reveals just what happened to Cormac in prison, something every Kitty fan wants to know.

Chuggington: It's Training TimeChuggington: It's Training Time DVD ~ Fiction / Cartoon / Kids ~ Available Now ~ Received from PR for review and giveaway
Join young trainees Wilson, Brewster and Koko in these six traintastic adventures. Watch as they learn how to pull a royal carriage, help Eddie repair the depot clock and take on the challenge of carrying passengers. Along the way, the trainees learn how to play fair, follow through on tasks, practice patience and help each other ride the rails of life. Your own little trainees will want to climb aboard and discover it all for themselves in It's Training Time!

Smurfs: A Magical Smurf AdventureThe Smurfs: A Magical Smurf Adventure DVD ~ Fiction / Cartoon / Kids ~ Available Now ~ Received from the PR for review and giveaway
In a hidden village dwells a clan of magical creatures, living in mushroom houses and taking showers with dewdrops. They're those international celebrities known far and wide as the Smurfs - and they're back on DVD

10 Episodes on 2 Discs

*Disclosure: I am an Amazon Associate. I get a very small amount for any purchases made when you click through a link from Wendi's Book Corner, which I then save up to buy more books. :)


Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Is this the same Carrie Vaufhn who wrote Discord's Apple?

Here is mine

bermudaonion said...

Werewolves and Smurfs - too funny! I hope everyone enjoys their new books!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

I hope you enjoy the CV books!

Alyce said...

I'm sure my kids would love the smurfs. I took my youngest to see the new movie last week and he liked it.

Staci said...

I must read a Kitty book!!!!!

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