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Thursday, November 29, 2012

What You Can Do If You Get a Clogged Tear Gland (Which Is Different From A Tear Duct)

So, today I learned the hard way (after a few very painful days) that we have such a thing as a Tear Gland, that is kind of on the outer edge of your eye behind your eyeball.  

When I get stressed and tired, I tend to get Styes in my eyelids, which are very painful, but easily treated (basically, kind of a clogged folical in your eyelash area).  This one was different.  It was in the outer corner of my eye but INSIDE my eyelid.  I treated it how I normally would for a Stye and .... nothing!

I then put hot water on my face in the shower and it stopped hurting!  So I looked up the anatomy of an eye and saw a Tear Gland around that area... so I looked up clogged tear gland and found that it IS possible and does happen on rare occasions.  To fix a light case, hot compresses and massaging the gland a few times a day until it is gone will generally work.

I tried it, and have done it twice today, and it feels MUCH better.

Now, I'm NOT a doctor, or a nurse, so I can't offer advice, and I do know that more severe cases may need to be treated by medicine under a doctor's care.  But, I thought I'd share this as I'd never heard of it, and maybe my week's worth of needless pain can save you some time and trouble.  :)

~ Wendi


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