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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Music Review: Idina Menzel's I Stand

Title: I Stand
Artist: Idina Menzel

Soulful, Inspirational and Wonderfully Clear

I am a relatively new fan of Idina Menzel, but as a result of listening to her new cd I Stand, I am searching for everything she has done so far! I have really enjoyed listening to her newest cd . . . in the car, working at my computer and especially when I need some "me" time.

Idina's voice is wonderfully clear, and she has a great vocal range. I Stand is a nicely flowing song that is quite enjoyable to listen to. My favorite song of the cd is Better to Have Loved, which to me has a haunting melody that simply catches your attention and doesn't let go. It seems like she has really poured feeling into this song. A very second close favorite is Brave - the melody is very inspiring. I find myself humming this song throughout the day. My Own Worst Enemy is another favorite (I find it hard not to list the entire album as a favorite) - again, it has a haunting melody and the song is full of feeling.

If you take the time to really listen to this cd, it is very inspiring and heartfelt. I highly recommend that fans of Idina's work (both acting/broadway and singing) go ahead and pick up this cd, and if you aren't a fan yet, pick it up and you soon will be!


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