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Monday, June 8, 2009

Music Review: Bible Belt by Diane Birch

Title: Bible Belt
Artist: Diane Birch

Soothing, inspiring, and hauntingly beautiful at times!!

Only in her mid-twenties, Diane Birch has a beautifully clear, mature voice that is sure to soothe and inspire at the same time. While slightly similar to Norah Jones in sound, Diane Birch has added her own special touch to her songs. Originally a pianist, this singer-songwriter is sure to become a favorite with her debut album Bible Belt, which is rapidly climbing in popularity (currently #30 on iTunes Top 100 Albums, #40 on Amazon in music).

This album is great to play while in the car or working on the computer. It is equally as nice for home use, while cooking, cleaning, or just hanging out. This album would make great background music for a get-together over coffee or dinner party.

While I've enjoyed listening to the entire album, after listening to the cd a few times, I've developed these favorites: Fools, Don't Wait Up and Choo Choo.

Listen to the Bible Belt music sampler here, via Amazon.

1. Fire Escape
2. Valentino
3. Fools
4. Nothing But A Miracle
5. Rewind
6. Rise Up
7. Photograph
8. Don't Wait Up
9. Mirror Mirror
10. Ariel
11. Choo Choo
12. Forgiveness
13. Magic View

Album Description (from Amazon):
The daughter of a preacher, living between Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia, before her parents finally settled in Portland, Oregon, Diane Birch absorbed a unique and very cosmopolitan perspective on life and rapidly cultivated a very individual style that defies categorization. The buzz is building as Music Week announced, "Diane has a voice and songwriting ability that will connect with truly global audiences."


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