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Friday, January 7, 2011

Product Review: Evercare Giant Fabric Shaver (Great for helping clothing look new again!)

Evercare Giant Fabric Shaver 1 eaMy Mom knows me so well... this was a clever stocking stuffer this year. My small older fabric shaver was on its last legs, and with two young children, I NEED a great way to keep their clothes looking new.

One of the biggest obstacles to keeping children's (and some adult clothing too) clothing looking clean and new are those little fabric pills... you know, those little tiny balls that look similar to those round sprinkles that are so yummy on cupcakes, but when they are on clothing, make colors look dingy and clothing in general look old.  The solution? I use a fabric shaver while I'm folding the laundry!  Anything that has those little pills gets a quick update in a matter of seconds.

I did have a little trouble getting the batteries into the machine the first time as it was hard to determine which way they needed to face.  After looking REALLY hard, I was able to find the + and - and get the shaver going.

It immediately did a great job on some toddler socks and a pair of sweat pants that had those fuzzy balls ALL OVER.  I have also used it on sweatshirts and appliques with no problems so far.  So if you have any pilling clothing or blankets, think about giving the items new life by using a fabric shaver!

Evercare Giant Fabric Shaver
by Evercare

Item Reviewed: The Giant Fabric Shaver - thanks for the great stocking stuffer Mom!

About the Fabric Shaver:
* Triple Blade System Never Ruins Your Precious Garments.
* Quickly Removes Unsightly Pilling and Fuzz Balls from Sweaters, Shirt Collars and Any Knit Fabrics.
* Restores Clothing to a Like-new Appearance.
* Heavy Duty Battery Operated with a Comfortable Grip Handle.
* Easy-to-remove Waste Bin for Easy Cleaning.

About OneCare: (from the company's site, Evercare is part of OneCare)
The oneCARE company is a global manufacturer and distributer of products designed to take care of your world of diverse needs by helping to care for everything from your wardrobe, home and pets to your workplace. Learn more about the leaders that have shaped oneCARE into the progressive, dynamic environment that it is today.

Their brands include:
* Bounce
* Downy
* Dreft
* Dryel
* Evercare
* Febreze
* Purina
* Roto-Rooter
* Tide

*Disclosure: I am an Amazon Associate


lfhpueblo said...

I'll have to be on the outlook for this because we have some fleece sheets that have those pills on them and they are not comfortable to sleep on.

Amy Orvin said...

That look pretty nifty especially for pet hair.


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