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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Movie Review: Hall Pass - Full of Comedy and Adventure Served With A Side of Blushing

Hall PassLOL - Had a blast watching this with my husband, sister-in-law, and my niece tonight... and thank goodness, one of the boys acted up and my niece took him outside just in the nick of time... for her to miss a very clear view of some very male parts in the nude. Although I do think it would have been funny to see what my sister-in-law would have done if my niece had still been in the room. I think it would have made an already entertaining movie even better. ;)

The movie is funny, quirky, and I will admit there were a few moments that were very tender. There was also a LOT of sexual innuendos, references, and scenes that were funny for adults, but probably wouldn't be so funny for the younger crowd.  I also don't think this is a movie I'd watch with my parents, hubby's parents, etc.

The premise was cute and kept me guessing as to what would come next.  In short, two wives decide (separately) to give their husbands a "hall pass" which is basically a week to live and behave as if they aren't married, with no strings attached.  The hope is that they will come back to marriage happier and seeing what they've got as a treasure instead of the same old thing.

Each member of the two couples ends up meeting "someone" and it is interesting to see what happens with the different relationships.  Overall, it was funny and ended really well.  It is certainly worth watching the movie through the credits as there are a few more scenes.

This movie is probably a "must see" for fans of The Hangover, There's Something About Mary and similar movies. 

Side note - I really could have done without the full-on penises, and the poop scenes, so if you are easily embarrassed or offended, be aware so you can look away.

Hall Pass
Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate, Alyssa Milano
Warner Bros. Pictures (June 14, 2011) ~ Rated R, 105 minutes
Comedy / Romance

Edition Reviewed: Rental from Redbox

About Hall Pass:

A married man is granted the opportunity to have an affair by his wife. Joined in the fun by his best pal, things get a little out of control when both wives start engaging in extramarital activities as well.

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bermudaonion said...

Yeah, I'm not sure this one is for me.

Dakotapam said...

Looks funny in kind of a raunchy and innapropriate way. Every once in a while I like to watch something mind numbing. That said, I'll wait for it to show up on HBO.

New follower from the Alexa hop!

Karen said...

Visiting from the Alexa Hop from http://practicalfrugality.blogspot.com/. I stumbled this post, Google +1, and followed you;)

Sadie said...

This movie was HILARIOUS!! I recommended it to my mom (who is a bigger prude than I am when it comes to this stuff) and she about peed herself watching it!! She can't wait for Hall Pass 2.

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