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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Aromafloria's Pomegranate Sensory Fusion Bath and Body Products (Review)

Pomegranate Sensory Fusion  by Aromafloria is a wonderful spa type bath collection, including Aromabeads, a Soy Candle, Bath Fizz, Foaming Body Wash with Shea Butter, Salt Glow Scrub and Whipped Body Butter With Shea and Aloe.  This is a beautifully aromatic and soothing collection for your skin and your senses.

The scent is light and earthy (I say earthy in that it is not a sickly-sweet scent, but rather soothing and natural), which is heavenly while using, and leaves a very light scent behind that is not overpowering or distracting.

I've had a chance to try the Pomegranate Sensory Fusion Foaming Body Wash with Shea Butter, Pomegranate Sensory Fusion Salt Glow Scrub and Pomegranate Sensory Fusion Whipped Body Butter With Shea and Aloe.  All three products are wonderful when used together or individually.  The foaming body wash is wonderful and has the strongest scent (in my opinion) of the three products I used, but it is still subtle enough for daily use.  The scrub makes my skin feel rejuvenated and when washed off, leaves a smooth and silky feeling on my skin.  But I'd have to say that my favorite product among the trio is the whipped body butter with shea and aloe.  It is so creamy and light, it soaks into my skin quickly, leaving my skin nicely moisturized.  With the winter weather moving in, and LOTS of hand-washing due to colds, my hands have been dry and cracking.  After using the body butter twice, my skin was back to normal, feeling very soothed from the dryness.  Yeah!

The Pomegranate Sensory Fusion Collection by Aromafloria: Aromabeads, Soy Candle, Bath Fizz, Foaming Body Wash with Shea Butter, Salt Glow Scrub, Whipped Body Butter With Shea and Aloe

Aromabeads: The fresh tart aroma and crimson color of our AromaBeads makes them resemble the pomegranate’s jewel like seeds. Their energizing aroma is inviting in any atmosphere.

Aromatic Soy Candle: The energizing tartness of pomegranate is balanced by notes of fresh dew fruit, cassis and sweet amber milk. The seductive, crimson pomegranate has come to symbolize renewal, romance and youth for cultures around the world.

Bath Fizz: Packed with minerals and anti-aging benefits, the tantalizing aroma of pomegranate puts a real zip in your bath time. Renew your senses, splash away damaging free radicals and reveal younger-looking skin. Preservative free.

Foaming Body Wash with Shea Butter: Pomegranate detoxifies and bestows anti-aging benefits in this naturally derived coconut cleanser with moisturizing organic shea butter. The perfect path to revitalized and younger looking skin. No amides, SLES or SLS.

Salt Glow Scrub: Natural minerals and pomegranate extract help reverse the effects of aging in this energizing oil free, water-based scrub. This fine salt glow formula is perfect for all skin types. Protects against damaging free radicals as it makes skin look perfectly polished. Preservative free.

Whipped Body Butter with Shea and Aloe: This Body Butter stimulates metabolism of the cells to visibly improve skin texture. 100% pure pomegranate detoxifies and bestows anti-aging benefits in this natural, Asian-inspired wellness treatment. Create your own Sensory Fusion ritual and pamper yourself while you revitalize your skin.

About Aromafloria

from their Facebook page
Founded: 1985

About: We believe in producing wholesome beauty products which means selecting the purest, safest, sustainable and eco-friendly ingredient.We do this by following the Organic and Natural Standards and by promoting GREEN chemistry for eco-friendly results.

Company Overview: Our collection of bath, body and skin care products is expertly formulated with aroma therapeutic essential oils, medicinal herbals and exotic botanicals. Infused with Nature's healing benefits, they remain authentic solutions in a marketplace overflowing with mass-produced brands.

Mission: At the heart of Aromafloria is a fervent desire to help people empower themselves in their search for balance and well-being. In our increasingly high-tech and low-touch world, we invite you to create quiet, restorative moments and meaningful rituals that will elicit relaxation and keep you on your road to wellness.


Website: http://www.aromafloria.com


Bee W Bedard said...

I pamper myself by taking baths with bath salts

Amy Orvin said...

I pamper myself by taking long, hot bubble baths.


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