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Thursday, May 10, 2012

App Review: Kids 1st Shape Puzzle, Making Early Learning Fun

The Kids 1st Shape Puzzle App for iPod and iPad is great for young kids learning sounds, shapes, words and matching.  While iTunes has the "game" listed as ages 1-3 and 4-7, I'd say ideally, the age range is probably 2-6 (although I've had a lot of fun trying the different puzzles and trying to figure out the Hebrew Alphabet on my iPod Touch).

This is a FAVORITE of my 5 year old, who sees it as more of a game than a learning tool. ;)

There are 16 different puzzles, each with between 8 and 26 puzzle pieces to match up, including: colors, counting, safari animals, farm animals, alphabets (Hebrew and English), vegetables, transportation, ocean animals, shapes, fruit, musical instruments, clothing, emotions, household items, and toys.

1st Menu 
The menu is easy to navigate. There are two pages of colorful choices. There is also the option to change between Hebrew and English (this can easily be changed in the settings menu).  Little fingers can very easily use this app and learn quickly what each menu choice does.

Some of our favorites are the animals and the alphabet.  I found it interesting that my 5 year old loves to do the matching as quickly as he can, while my 2 year old loves to listen to the voice while trying to match the puzzle pieces.

Puzzle matching is done easily, by simply dragging each piece across the screen as it appears.  When a match is made, a voice says the word, and a new piece appears in the middle of the screen.

English Alphabet Puzzle
Safari Animal Puzzle

At only $1.99, this app is a great one that will help little ones learn and have fun.

Another great thing about this app is that it exposes young children to the concept of multiple languages and provides a platform for early learning of a second language.  What a great skill to have!

Find out more about Kids 1st Shape Puzzle at their Facebook page, and download the app from iTunes Store here.

Kids 1st Shape Puzzle 
 by Gil Weiss  

 iPad and iPod  ~ $1.99

Edition Reviewed: App on iPod Touch - Review copy received courtesy of the maker in coordination with this Karma Media Campaign, many thanks!

Nifty Mom

*Disclosure: I received a free copy of the app via the Karma Media Campaign in exchange for my honest review.


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