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Monday, May 11, 2009

Seattle Area Book Blogger Get-Together!!

If you are a book blogger, author or publicist and you live in the Seattle area, or plan to be in the area on June 22nd, I'd like to invite you to join me and a few others for an afternoon get-together! Leave a comment with your email, or send me an email to be included in all the details!

The get-together will be held at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA (near Seattle/Bothell), around lunch time, so 11:00 am - 1:00 ish. Feel free to help me spread the news so we can get a group together!

I have contacted a few local authors to see if they might want to swing by and say hi, and so far have one that is almost a sure thing, and another that says she will try to stop in. :) If you know of any local authors or any that will be in the area, let me know and I'll try to get an email off to them.

From their website: Third Place Books is a general interest bookstore with over 200,000 New, Used, and Bargain Books. We invite you to come and stay a while in the Commons, where we feature five restaurants and FREE live music every Friday & Saturday night.

I had another thought: Would anyone be interested in bringing a few ARCs or other books to swap? I spoke with the bookstore, and they are fine with us bringing in some books as long as they are in bags.

:) Wendi
wbarker at hotmail.com


Florinda said...

I'm not a Seattle resident, nor will I be in the area on the date in question, but I wanted to encourage anyone who can make it to the get-together to do so! I recently had the chance to meet up with several California book bloggers here in LA, and we had a great time :-).

Jenny Girl said...

I'm very jealous. You guys will have so much fun. You must make sure you post all about it!

Shannon said...

Hi there! I was at the Spa Night last night (red head) from the Mommy-Files. I do book reviews in addition to my other reviews and am in Seattle (obviously) - lol. I'd love to come.


LuAnn said...

I wish I could make it over the mountains for this get-together, but Mondays are out of the question for me.

Kimberly Carolan said...

Oh man! I will be on the San Juans that day ... let me know if you do any other get-togethers, though!

Alison Kartevold said...

Dear Wendi,

I would like to extend an invitation to you and your group. I am an award winning journalist and now new author of a tween fantasy novel that just had it's national release. The local north seattle book store you are talking about is hosting a signing for me from 7-8pm on June 14th and I would love the opportunity to meet with your lovers of books.

Having grown up in the northwest I am very excited that Third Place Books is giving me the opportunity to return to my roots and share the adventure of getting a novel published. It has been an educational, at times frustrating, and sensational ride. I hope you can join me to talk about it, or at the very least help spread the word to those you think might be interested.

For complete details go to--http://www.thirdplacebooks.com/event/kenkarta-battle-onoxmon-alison-

For more information about me and my book just go to www.KenKarta.com

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Alison Kartevold
Author of KenKarta:Battle of the Onoxmon

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