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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Music Review: Linda Eder - The Other Side of Me

Title: The Other Side of Me
Artist: Linda Eder

Strong, Inspirational and Flowing

I have just discovered Linda Eder, who has worked on Broadway, and has now released her 10th cd - a mix of pop/country music! I have really enjoyed this cd. It is great for listening around the house, in the car, and generally trying to have some "me" time (I find I don't listen to music as much when others are in the house as we don't always enjoy the same music).

I can honestly say I don't dislike any of the songs on the cd - which I generally don't say. Now and again, Linda Eder's voice has qualities that remind me of early Barbara Streisand - just a hint now and again, but for certain notes - it's there. If You Believe (The Way I Do) is my favorite song because it just washes over me in and pulls me along with the melody, and my next favorite is Lifted because she speaks of our soldiers coming home. Makes me smile!!

She has a wonderful voice, and I highly recommend this cd. Head over to Amazon (or another site that offers clips of the music) and check out her latest cd - if you aren't already a fan, you probably will be!


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