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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Review: The Dragonfly Secret by Clea and John Adams

Title: The Dragonfly Secret: A Story of Boundless Love
Author: Clea & John Adams (Illustrated by Barbara Gibson)
Pages: 32
Publisher: Feather Rock Books
Genre: Youth-Adult, Dealing with Loss, Grief
Edition: Standard, Thank you to Clea Adams who sent me this book. Special thanks to Clea Adams for sending me the photos of some of the pictures in the book to include with this post!

Perfect for : Dealing with loss/grief, children and adults

In a nutshell: The story brought tears to my eyes - literally. I had to look around to make sure no one was staring at me! The book is an easy read, and will provide comfort to people who are trying to cope with grief and/or loss. The book is written in a way that both kids and adults will understand, and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful. I feel this would be an appropriate gift for someone dealing with the loss of a loved one. I've got a relative who is a family/child/personal counselor, and I plan to share this book with her as I feel she will be able to recommend it to clients.

From Amazon:
Love and hope transcend all boundaries when a boy and a dragonfly meet. An impossible encounter? Lea journeys through a beautiful garden to discover the boy's secret. As she follows his clues, Lea meets people who need her help. And at the end, the unexpected secret is revealed. Part mystery, part surprise, this timeless story that celebrates the dragonfly's gift to others is sure to leave a lasting impression. Beautifully illustrated, The Dragonfly Secret gently encourages children and adults to explore life's infinite possibilities. Because of it, readers may look at nature in an entirely new light.

First Paragraph:
On a bright summer morning, Lea played hide-and-seek in the garden with Tess, her butterfly friend. She hid among the flowers and giggled to herself. Suddenly, a boy appeared. He sat on the ground next to some daisies and rested his chin in his hands. Lea moved closer to get a better look. He turned toward her and smiled.

My Review:
Per the authors, this is a companion book to The Dragonfly Door, which I have not read.

This is the story of Lea, a dragonfly, who meets a boy while playing in the park. We are taken on Lea's quest to discover the boy's secret. While on her quest, she meets the boy's grandparents, learning that only she can see the boy and his grandparents. The story concludes with Lea having the ability to bring comfort to the boy's grieving parents in her own special way, with the help of the boy and his grandparents.

Characters: The characters in the book have a warm, inviting feeling to them. We do not get a lot of detail about any of the characters, but we learn enough to understand and appreciate the authors' message.

Story-Line: The story is written in a way to help people, both young and old alike, to deal with grief and loss. I did not notice any religious leanings in the book, so people will be able to use this book to augment their personal beliefs (dealing more with beliefs of what happens when someone dies).

Readability: The story is very easy to follow, and easy to read.

Illustrations: I've got two words - absolutely beautiful . . . stunning, intricate, peaceful, I could really go on and on here . . .

Overall: A very nice book that helps to fill a need when someone is trying to cope with loss.

About the Authors: (Taken from the back flap of the book)
"Clea and John Adams co-founded Feather Rock Books in 2005 with the goal of publishing thoughtful and inspiring stories. The Dragonfly Secret is their tribute to life's unexplained moments that lead us to pause and to wonder. The couple hopes this book offers comfort and inspiration when needed most. Clea and John reside in Minnesota. To learn about the authors or to share your own stories or comments, visit www.thedragonflysecret.com."


Anna said...

Great review! My daughter and I read this book together last night, and I'll post our reviews soon! It was a very touching book!

About Mailbox Monday, I can't take credit for that at all. It's hosted by The Printed Page (where you can get the image), and every Monday participants leave a comment on her Mailbox Monday post with a link to our posts. Here's the current link:

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours looks great, so I added it to Google Reader so I can keep up with your reviews. :D


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