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Monday, October 6, 2008

Review: INNER FITNESS for Celebrating Your Life by Rebecca Evans

Title: INNER FITNESS for Celebrating Your Life
Author: Rebecca Evans
Pages: 162
Publisher: InsideOut Publishing
Genre: Self-Help
Edition: Standard, A special thanks to author Rebecca Evans who generously sent me this book, along with INNER FITNESS for Girls co-authored by MaKenzie Peake and Alabama Heatherly with Rebecca Evans

Perfect for : Personal reading for women, journaling (geared toward women)

In a nutshell: An easy book written in a journaling format to help take a closer look at your life, celebrating things that you might otherwise ignore, discovering the inner-you. I enjoyed reading the journal and thinking about parts of my life I have not given a lot of thought to.

From Amazon:
Uncover Your Ability to Celebrate You. This journal is a book of celebration, intended to inspire and encourage you to embrace the life you are given. Each month the journal offers insightful ideas to explore, inviting you to look at life with new eyes and live a life full of self-love and celebration. A must read for everyone in need of encouragement.

First Paragraph:
(This is the first paragraph in the section for January - Celebrate your Body)
The month of renegotiations, January offers us the opportunity to change. When we think of changing ourselves, we usually think of our outer selves, our bodies. But we can lose this exclusively surface attitude toward ourselves - even if we know we have some work to do in the gym. This January, love the body you have been given, and love everything inside of it. Don't forget that you have a heart, soul, and personality.

My Review:
The book has a very nice Forward by Olympian Annie Audain, who explains how journaling has helped her see what she has achieved, and helped her accomplish her goals.

Rebecca Evans goes on to explain how writing/journaling has changed her life. She explains that using this journal to help document the joys in our life will help us (as women) celebrate our life and help us to better understand what our purpose is, bringing out the inner woman in each of us.

This journal does not have dated pages, so it makes it easy to pick up at any point. It includes "Personal Journey Contract" and a personal "Disclaimer" that tells us that we shouldn't feel guilty about anything we do not complete within the book. It also includes a "How to Use This Journal" which explains that there is no wrong way to work through the journal, go page-by-page, or skip around - it is all acceptable.

The journal does have general challenges for each month:
January - Celebrate Your Body
February - Celebrate Your Mind
March - Celebrate Your Spirit
April - Celebrate Your Age
May - Celebrate Your Ambitions
June - Celebrate Your Dreams
July - Celebrate Your Footprints
August - Celebrate Your Strengths
September - Celebrate Your Seasons
October - Celebrate A Pause
November - Celebrate Your Sisters
December - Celebrate the Life You Are NOT Living

The pages in between the monthly sections each have an inspirational saying, and plenty of space to journal.

Readability: This book/journal was very easy to read. Each month has a short passage, then inspirational sayings. Each month also features a different watermark type image on the pages.

Overall: I really enjoyed the journal, and the fact that it encouraged me to view myself in a different manner, looking at different areas of my life I had not necessarily thought of. Rebecca Evans provides both inspiring and challenging thoughts, encouraging us to really look at ourselves and to watch how we change as we discover the inner-woman. (Note - I have sloppy writing at best, and can't write in a straight line, so found writing on a page without lines to be challenging. On the other hand, I also enjoyed the lack of lines when I chose to sketch instead of write.)

About the Author: (Taken from Amazon)
Rebecca Evans is a motivational speaker, author and empowerment coach. Her core philosophy, fitness from the inside out resounds for men and women of all ages. As a frequent columnist, radio show host and frequent television guest, she shares her empowerment techniques with thousands of individuals weekly. Her accomplishments as a business woman have landed her as Idaho Business Review s Idaho Women of the Year honors, the National Association of Women Business Owners Business Women of the Year honors, and Boise State University's Women Making History in Idaho . She is a former Girls on the Run program director, Mrs. Idaho International 2004 and a decorated Gulf War veteran. She is the author of The Art of Self Discovery, Inner Fitness for Celebrating Your Life, Inner Fitness for Girls and Inner Fitness for Empowerment and lives in Idaho with her husband and three children


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