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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Music Review: Il Divo - The Promise

Title: The Promise
Artist: Il Divo

Strong, Powerful and Moving - Great for This Holiday Season

Il Divo is back, with a new cd filled with beautifully moving songs. Special note: all of the songs are in Spanish except for Amazing Grace, which is sung in English. This has disappointed some listeners, but I love it! For me, the words are not as powerful as the sound, and the sound does not disappoint. My favorite songs on this album are La Promesa, Angelina and Amazing Grace.

This album is great to use as background music for a dinner party. It is equally as nice for relaxing with a book and cup of coffee or tea. If you haven't listened to them before, head over to Amazon, where you can listen to clips from each song - you may find a new favorite!

Album Description (from Amazon):
Il Divo are back refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to remind the world in 2008 just what they have been missing. Four of the greatest operatic voices in the world come together again to create their unique signature sound to re-interpret popular romantic songs. The Promise features 12 songs once again produced by Steve Mac (Il Divo, The Christmas Collection, Ancora, Siempre). The Promise is Il Divo's first release in two years. Il Divo have become an international sensation bringing the sound of opera to the world of popular music since their debut in 2002. Il Divo has sold over 22 million albums worldwide.


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