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Monday, December 15, 2008

Teaser Tuesday: The Beauty Prescription by Debra Luftman, M.D. and Eva Ritvo, M.D.


My 2 “Teaser” Sentences for today:

Your evolving beauty, which grants you the ability to control how you see yourself and how others see you, hinges on your mental and emotional health. When we say that habitual thought patterns of anger, dependency, or self-loathing are toxic, we're not being dramatic: they're like caustic chemicals dumped into the rivers of your relationships.

~ p.84, “The Beauty Prescription: The Complete Formula For Looking and Feeling Beautiful” by Debra Luftman, M.D. and Eva Ritvo, M.D.

From Hachette Book Group:
Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. But what does it mean to feel truly beautiful on the outside and the inside?

In The Beauty Prescription, physicians Debra Luftman and Eva Ritvo have redefined beauty around a groundbreaking concept: The Beauty-Brain Loop. In this revealing, candid look at the science and spirit of beauty, Drs. Debra and Eva give women of all ages a prescription for mastering the Beauty-Brain Loop, including:

-How to see beauty in everything around you
-Making time to get fit and healthy
-How a kind, loving, positive demeanor makes you more attractive
-Staying beautiful in times of crisis
-Understanding beauty products and cosmetic procedures
-Creating a lifetime beauty plan

Every stage of the Loop-Outer Beauty, Inner Beauty, Health, and Environment-has the power to enhance your attractiveness, self-esteem, and well-being . . . if you know how to make the most of each one.

Packed with personal stories from Beauty Buddies, tips on physical and psychological wellness, wisdom from top professionals in the beauty industry, and much more, The Beauty Prescription is an owner's manual for every woman who is ready to move beyond today's narrow definition of beauty. If you're ready to become your most beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, Drs. Debra and Eva have the right medicine for you.

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~ Wendi


Anonymous said...

"evolving beauty"--love that! Your teaser contains some sage advice this week, Wendi. :)

Eidin said...

A teaser and a nugget of wisdom.

Here's mine.

Anonymous said...

Amen-it's all about positive thinking and accepting ourselves for who we truly are. Great teaser.

Anonymous said...

What you think about yourself does effect you.

Jo-Jo said...

That is great advice that we all should be able to use. Thanks for the teaser!

Darlene said...

Great teaser Wendi with some good advice along with it.

The Bumbles said...

OMG Wendi - did I send you the link to my recent post?! It goes hand in hand with your Teaser!

Anonymous said...

Great teaser Wendi! Something I think I needed to hear today too. :)

Alice said...

This one sounds like an edifying book. Thanks for sharing, Wendi! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of good advice packed into a couple of sentences - excellent teaser!

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