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Monday, December 22, 2008

Tuesday Thinger: Holiday Gift-Giving

Today's question: Holiday gift-giving. Do you give books for the holidays? Did you participate in LT's SantaThing, either this year or last, or in other blogging gift exchanges? Were you happy with what you received?

My Answer: I will give someone a book (or more than one) if I know it is something that would interest them. I am more likely to give a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or another book store I know they enjoy if they already have a lot of books or go to the library a lot - that way I'm not duplicating their books. Sometimes I am more likely to give them throughout the year as it is easier to simply ask if they have a certain book, then surprise them.

As far as the SantaThing, I didn't participate. Money is tight this year and I already have plenty of books to read in my tbr pile. I did participate in the Secret Santa that some of the bloggers worked on (Nymeth and Dewey). I was very happy with what I got, I received a beautiful journal, a holiday book that looks great and a gorgeous lotus flower candle holder (glows and looks like a lotus flower when lit).

Update: Beginning next week I will be hosting Tuesday Thinger, so please join me next week for a special thank you to Marie and another great question (I hope!). Many of you offered to help me with questions, so if you have any, please go ahead and email me at wbarker(at)hotmail.com and I will begin getting some posts scheduled!

~ Wendi


Anonymous said...

I did participate in SantaThing, but I wouldn't have if I'd realized that I was overdue on student loan payments that were supposed to be deferred! Luckily my parents have agreed to give me back the $25 and count it as a Christmas gift, otherwise I'd be kicking myself a bit harder than I am now.

I'd be willing to help you with questions.

Anonymous said...

I did a bifferent book-related Secret Santa this week too.

I am still quite new to blogging but I have spent a lot of time on LibraryThing over the past couple of years and I have a few posible questions in mind if you do take on Tuesday Thingers.

Jenners said...

Hi--thanks for stopping by my book blog. I love yours and will be coming back on a regular basis.

I did participate in the Library Thing Secret Santa. I got my books yesterday and they were awesome! My Secret Santa picked "I Love YOu Beth Cooper" by Larry Doyle and "The Tender Bar: A Memoir" by J.R. Moehringer. They both look really good and I'm excited to read them. It was really fun getting the books and just as fun picking out books for my Secret Santee. For mine I picked out the first Brother Cadfael book by Ellis Peters and "The Fourth Star" by Leslie Brennan (about Daniel Boulud's NYC restaurant trying to get back a star they lost from the NY Times rankings.) I hope my Secret Santee likes them ... they seemed like a good match! It was kind of thrilling and terrifying to pick out books for a stranger but I hope to do it again next year!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

The blogger who got your Secret Santa gift was thrilled - you did a great job! Maybe if you pick up Tuesday Thingers, some of the questions could be about books and reading in general, instead of just Library Thing.

Bonnie said...

Wendi, Thanks for agreeing to host Tuesday Thingers! I have enjoyed participating in the Meme the past few months.

Alea said...

So great to see Tuesday Thingers will live on!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Yes, thank you!

Alyce said...

Yay! I'm so glad you were willing to take it over!

Florinda said...

Just found out (via Bookish Ruth) that you're taking over Tuesday Thingers - great news, and thank you! I've learned a lot about LT via Thingers, and am glad it will live on.

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