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Friday, October 24, 2008

Saturday Christian Fiction Carnival: Thrill Me!

From the blog of My Friend Amy :

Ok, here's today's question: Whether or not you celebrate Halloween, there's something about the shorter days and chilly air that makes one want to curl up with a scary book. The horror market for Christian fiction is growing in creativity and testing all sorts of boundaries. The suspense market is also very rich with many talented authors. So my question(s) for you is...what's the best Christian fiction horror or suspense novel that you've read? What book would you recommend to someone who wanted to try out these genres? What's a book in these genres you want to read but haven't yet?

My Answer: I really enjoy the fall, with all the warm colors, and yes - the feeling of curling up with a good book. Note that I said good, not scary - I'm not much into the scary books at the moment. I was when I was younger. I've heard of lots of great mystery and thriller authors, but I'm stumped at the moment to pick a favorite.

Does The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown count? I really enjoyed that book.

One of my favorite authors a few years back was Mary Higgins Clark! Wow - I would sometimes read through the night, then not be able to turn the lights out because I was so scared!

A few authors within the general Mystery/Thriller genre that I like: (Yes - I stooped to seeing what I've read by looking on Amazon!)
- Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Series
- Maybe a few of Clive Cussler's books would fit into the Mystery section
- Murder on a Girls Night Out by Anne George

I'd love to hear your feedback on this question, as I would need the recommendations in order to answer the question myself! Leave me a comment with a few of your suggestions, and I'll curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea and jump into a new genre!

Great question(s) Amy! I'm obviously missing an entire genre here!!

Care to answer the question yourself? I welcome you to post your thoughts here, add them to your own blog and head back to Amy's post and add a comment with a link to yours. :)


Anonymous said...

first...I love your blog design. And I enjoyed your thoughts :o)

If you have not read Dee Henderson I would highly recommend her...especially her O'Malley series...


Lindsey said...

I never did read any by Mary Higgins Clark! I should.

I recommend Blink by Ted Dekker, it was awesome! And the Fire of Heaven trilogy by Bill Myers was creepy, I remember staying up all night to read it. Again. lol

Here's my post: http://kindredthought.blogspot.com/2008/10/saturday-christian-fiction-carnival_24.html

Wendi said...

crittyjoy and lindsey - thanks for the suggestions! I visited both of your blogs and have noted a few books to pick up!!

:) Wendi

Wyn said...

Well, first I wouldn't consider The Da Vinci Code a horror book, a mystery yes, not horror. I guess I equate horror books not with mystery but rather with books like The Shining. I love mystery books and have shelves of them, horror books don't come in my house, I have nightmares for weeks. LOL.


Wendi said...

Wyn - yes - I admit it!! I was grasping at straws. :) These genres aren't my strongest. LOL

Da Vinci was more of a suspense than anything else, and it didn't keep me up at night, but I enjoyed it.

:) Wendi

kalea_kane said...

I have not read a lot of Christian thrillers. Though I did enjoy The Departed by Kathryn Mackel just enough suspence and a smattering of thrill in there. I really enjoyed TL Hine's Waking Lazarus. I think you might enjoy it. :) He is pretty awesome. I love Mary Higgins Clark too!



Sunny said...

I used to read the scary stuff when I was younger too, but not really any more. I'll be checking out some of the other recommendations myself!

Amy said...

ha, I tried to get suspense in there as well b/c I know not everyone likes horror. :)

I hope you find some recommendations...it's a growing market! Thanks for participating!

M. C. Pearson said...

I never read Da Vinci Code...I did read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and liked it. His Da Vinci Code was a little too 'out there' spiritually for me though (my husband read it and found a lot of anti-biblical things, so I just decided not to read that one.)

Anywho, you can see my suggestions on my Mimi's Pixie Corner blog.

:-) Thanks for participating in the Carnival!

Janna said...

Hmm, didn't read Davinci Code, did finally watch the movie - it was so anti-Christian my husband wouldn't even finish watching it. I think I'll avoid the book...

But I'm a huge Mary Higgins Clark fan! Loves Music, Loves to Dance was the first book of hers that I read and it got me hooked!

Unknown said...

I liked the Da Vinci too as well as the Angels and Demons. But haven't read a single book from the 3 authors you've mentioned. I might check that out.

I would like to recommend Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker and This Present DArkness by Frank Peretti. These books gave a good scare to me! BTW, House both by Dekker and Peretti seems interesting too, but haven't had the time to read it though. Just got excited to read it this week when I learned that it'll be in theaters on November 7! But I may not read it till the showing date, I'll definitely in theaters on November 7! If you haven't caught the list of cities where it'll be shown, check out their official site(House the movie).

Kim said...

Oh, you have a beautiful sight! I'm going to study a bit here since you cover different genres. Beautiful!


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