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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Review: Confetti Cakes For Kids by Elisa Strauss with Christie Matheson

Title: Confetti Cakes For Kids
Author: Elisa Strauss with Christie Matheson
Photography: Ben Fink
Pages: 224
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (November 5, 2008)
Genre: Non-Ficiton / Cooking / Cakes
Edition: Hardback - many thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy to review!

Perfect for : Personal Use, Kids cakes, Hostess Gift

In a nutshell: This is a wonderful book for anyone who wants to make a fun cake. The instructions are very helpful and include detailed photos of each step. The book contains sections for each of the following (each is VERY helpful): Cake Basics, Techniques, Basic Recipes, Cookies, Cupcakes, Mini Cakes, Cakes, Conversion Tables, Resources, and Acknowledgements. This book contains everything you need to know to complete an entire cake that will be both fun and tasty! I followed the recipe for the buttercream frosting when I made my son's 2nd birthday cake, and everyone just loved how it tasted! (See picture of my cake below)

Extended Review:
Content: This is a very comprehensive book that will help you from start to finish with each cake (cookies and cupcakes as well). As mentioned above, the sections of the book include: Cake Basics, Techniques, Basic Recipes, Cookies, Cupcakes, Mini Cakes, Cakes, Conversion Tables, Resources, and Acknowledgements.

Format: Each section is very helpful, providing the reader with step-by-step instructions and photographs to help! The cakes and cookies included are fun and amazing!

Readability: Very helpful and easy to follow. I found that the pictures really helped me to understand what I needed to do.

Overall: A great book for anyone, from novice to expert - you are sure to learn new things and enjoy this book!

From the Publisher's Site:
Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes has created confections as elaborate as a platter of sushi, a wine bottle in a crate, and a designer handbag. Now she focuses her talents on her younger fans with this enchanting collection of cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for kids. Strauss starts readers off with 20 delicious recipes and all the basic techniques needed to complete any project in the book. Then she offers step-by-step instructions for 24 jaw-dropping designs that can become the centerpiece of any celebration. Projects span the imagination--from a charming sock monkey, to an MP3 player, to playful hula gingerbread girls and boys--and will appeal to anyone looking for the perfect way to thrill a child with a delectable, spectacular creation.

ConfettiCakes Video on YouTube: Confetti Cakes on PBS

About the Author: (From the publisher's site)
Elisa Strauss is the founder and head designer of Confetti Cakes in New York City. A former designer for Ralph Lauren, Strauss is famous for her imaginative and elaborate cakes. Her work has been featured in dozens of magazines, as well as on Good Morning America, the Today show, Martha: The Martha Stewart Show, The View, and the Food Network.

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Anonymous said...

This book is gorgeous! I love to sit and flip through and look at all the beautiful cakes. If I ever make it to NY, I want to go to Confetti Cakes.

Michele said...

Gosh, Wendy...your cake turned out gorgeous!!! My 3 year old is obsessed with Cars, so he would love something like this!

Jenners said...

My son would have killed for that cake!!! Amazing! That photo alone is a perfect recommendation for the book!

Beth F said...

How cool! And your cake is fabulous! Well done!

Hoarders Extraordinaire said...

That cake is awesome! Where were these kinds of books when my kids were little?

Marta's Meanderings

Ali said...

I love the cake you made! The instructions in this book are well written but, honestly, I can't see myself making anything like she does. Your cake, on the other hand, is beautiful and looks doable. Nice job!

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