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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home by Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer

Title: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home: No-Nonsense Advice that Will Inspire You to CLEAN like the DICKENS
Author: Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer
Pages: 240
Publisher: Wellness Central (March 2, 2009)
Genre: Non-Fiction / Household / Cleaning
Edition: Hard Paperback? (stiffer than paperback, not a solid cover) - many thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy to review!

Perfect for : Personal Use, cleaning resource book, great gift for: wedding, someone moving into their first house/dorm/apartment, etc

In a nutshell: This book is filled with practical advice, including a very helpful suggested schedule for cleaning throughout the house (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). Once you build a routine, she has provided detailed suggestions for cleaning specific items, for example, the kitchen sink: the sink, the drain, the faucets, and for those trouble sinks - getting them really clean! Other items in the kitchen: countertop appliances, walls and windows, oven, pots, and silverware, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, garbage can, table, cabinets, and floors. . . . those are just for the kitchen! For the past few years, I've been trying to build a household cleaning list for myself (including how often to clean each item), and this book has just done that for me! I love it!! I also really appreciate the household cleaners that she suggests as an alternative to harsh chemicals (baking soda, vinegar, rosemary, club soda, lemon, etc). I think this book would be helpful for the person who already has a clean home, and the one who needs to have a cleaner home! The tips and tricks provided in this book are invaluable, and healthier for you and your family!

Extended Review: One thing I really liked was the author's views about conserving water and energy when possible, and how that transfers to respect for money and resources. She also talks about the safety of cleaning products and offers alternative cleaners (use vodka to clean diamond jewelry, p. 124). She also provides so much detail - I had no idea I was supposed to vacuum the refrigerator coils! Plus, she even shares how to care for books on page 120!

Content: This book contains an introduction which covers the cleaning basics (what to clean, when to clean (spring/fall cleaning), organizing priorities, good-for-you cleaning products, cleaning supply list, and a list of things to do during the week to help keep your house clean. Then there are specific chapters for : the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the bedroom, the home office, the laundry, "Nooks and Crannies," and the outdoors. The final sections of the book are more resources and cover "Pets, Odors and Pests," a handy glossary, etc.

Format: The book is set up with an introduction, and then chapters for each main area of the house, including outside! The chapters are set up very nicely with a detail in the front of everything the chapter will cover and what page it is on. This is very helpful as it helps you find exactly what you are looking for.

Readability: Easy to read and understand!

Overall: I just love this book. It is going to have a special place in my kitchen so I can reference it when I have cleaning issues. This book would be a great gift for someone just moving out of the house, or getting married, or someone who wants to try to get away from harsh chemicals. . . or someone who just needs a little extra help getting organized with cleaning tasks!

From the Publisher's Site:
When Thelma Meyer tells it to you, she tells it straight: Clean the kitchen daily! Don't waste anything (not even the water leftover from those potatoes you just boiled)! Always work hard! This philosophy meant that when Thelma's daughter Monica founded Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products (named after her mom), the products were designed to work hard for you.

Now for the first time, Thelma's sage advice is being made available in this revolutionary cleaning guide chock full of practical tips and secrets based on the premise that life is hectic and messy -- and so keeping your house clean and nice is the only sensible thing to do. With shortcuts and tips for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room, MRS MEYER'S CLEAN HOME contains unexpected advice such as:

--Never use vinegar and water on wood floors. One part dish soap and four parts water is the only way to truly get them clean. And remember to buff with a terrycloth towel.

--Always clean out the fridge before grocery shopping. Serve the kids "Musko" ("must go") for dinner, using the items that were fast approaching expiration.
--Wash windows on a cloudy day to avoid the nasty streaking that happens when the sun's out and glass dry too fast.

MRS MEYER'S CLEAN HOME is two parts common sense and one part inspiration. Read it and learn how to clean like the dickens.

About the Author: (From Amazon)
Always thrifty Thelma Meyer raised nine children in Iowa and kept the house clean. She helps promote the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products.

Monica Meyer is Founder and President of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. She spent many years as a brand builder for leading retailers, and was a marketing executive at Target.

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Barbara said...

I would love to win this book! I hate cleaning, but have to do it anyway. I would love to learn how to be more organized with my cleaning.

bermudaonion said...

This is in my TBR pile. I'm glad to see it's worth reading.

Heather said...

What a great book! I had not heard of it before, I will have to order it... unless I win! :-)

juedy said...

This book sounds like something I NEED to read. Thanks for your informative review.

Kitten said...

I love Mrs. Meyers products, and can't wait to see the advice she provides!

trishden said...

Says this book will inspire. I need that, just one look at my house shows that.

Patrikia48 said...

I would love to learn about using natural cleaning products versus the store bought stuff. And after reading your review, I went into the kitchen and checked the back of my fridge. Oh, oh I got furbies!! Time to get out the vacuum. :)

Unknown said...

With 2 kids, a husband, a dog, a new job . . . let's just say I can use any help I can find!

Kathleen W. said...

I like that she adds homemade recipes in the book, like the vodka thing you mentioned. I enjoy making my own cleaners, especially in a pinch.

Megan said...

My tip - Vinegar is awesome at cleaning faucets and bathroom vanities. It leaves the vanity sparkling.

Jenners said...

Sounds neat ... but does she have tips about how to keep yourself from blogging so you actually DO the cleaning?

Anonymous said...

I would love to read more tips on how to clean! I have two bath rooms right now needing tubs cleaned

Anonymous said...

Id love to read more of these easy tips! I hate cleaning tubs!


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