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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Thinger: Favorite Genre(s)

Welcome to another week of Tuesday Thingers! We always love to hear from regular participants as well as new people.

This week, I'm tired and getting over a cold (so are my son and husband - so it's been a long week!), so I'm going to try to keep this week's question REALLY easy!

I've noticed that some book bloggers specialize in a certain genre, or even a specific niche within a genre (lots of vampire book blogs out there, Christian books, health, etc), while others read and review quite a variety of books.

Today's question: Do you have a specialized blog where you only review a certain genre or type of book? If so, what is your favorite thing about that type of book? If not, what is/are your favorite genre(s)? What makes that genre(s) a favorite?

Favorite Genre(s)? (Check all that apply)

My Answer: If you would have asked me this a year ago, I would have said my favorites were either romance, or historical romance. Since starting my blog and meeting so many great bloggers, authors and publicists, I've been exposed to some really great new books (and genres), and I now LOVE reading a great variety of books. . . except maybe really scary or gory books!

I do still really enjoy romance and historical romance because of the flirtations and the happily ever after feeling.

I love historical fiction (and romance) because of the glimpse of another time that I get. I live now, but it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate or want to know what it would have been like to live in a different time.

I really enjoy Christian fiction because of the feeling I have when I finish a book - uplifted, generally happy, like I can recommend the book to friends and family (my Mom!) without blushing or worrying about language.

I've also come to really appreciate some non-fiction books. I have learned A LOT over the past few months, about myself, about health, about beauty, about cooking, about family, about . . . . can I keep going here?

I review all types of books on my blog, and I just love it!

Looking forward to reading everyone's answers!!

~ Wendi

If you are new to Tuesday Thingers: Welcome! The meme was originally created as a way to network with other bloggers and to learn about Library Thing! I'd like to encourage you to join us. If you don't know what Library Thing is - you are in a great place to learn about new things, and if you are an old pro, stick around and share your wealth of information! Visit Library Thing here. To join in, copy the picture and question into your post and link back here so people can read other responses. Make sure you leave a comment here with a link to your post so we can stop by! If you don't have a blog, feel free to leave a comment here!


Becky said...

I too love historical romance. However, lately I have really been getting into reading books that revolve around the Civil War- romance or not. In fact just finished a great one tonight... "Two Brothers: One North, One South," by David H. Jones. I really felt that the author painted an amazingly accurate portrait of America's costliest and most commemorated war. I love how he gives both perspectives of both the north and south- really equalizes thing and helps you understand both sides' views.

Library Cat said...

I can't believe that I am awake at three in the morning and still not the first one to post - but with my sporadic participation of late, I am glad just to have an answer posted! Here is my response. I look forward to reading everyone else's responses later today.
Can't sleep - bone scan later this morning - as a two time cancer survivor, they are checking for bone cancer and I am hoping they find arthritis!
Have a wonderful reading day everyone.

Lenore Appelhans said...

Here is mine for today!

Yvonne said...

Mine is up!


caite said...

Hey, there was nothing easy about that question, but, after great thought, HERE is my answer.
It's a mystery why it took so long to write...oh, my, that is a clue! Oh, so is that!

Lisa said...

Yay! I'll get to squeeze this inn before I scoot off to work.

My post is here.

Passages to the Past said...

Historical fiction all the way!

Here is my answer!


Anonymous said...

I've definitely opened up to a bigger variety of genres since I've started blogging, but literary fiction, social history/non-fiction, and personal memoir still make up the bulk of my reading.

My full answer is here.

susan said...

I followed Lenore here. Glad I did. My response is here.

RAnn said...

Thanks for the invite. My answer is up http://rannthisthat.blogspot.com/2009/02/tuesday-thinger.html

Ana S. said...

I'm a fantasy girl at heart, but I read plenty of other genres too. I can't think of anything I flat-out refuse to read, except maybe self-help books.

Lana said...

I'm a firm believer in historical romance as well! I explain why here

Literature Crazy said...

Here are my thoughts on why plot is over-rated.

Jenners said...

Thanks for letting me know about this topic and inviting me to participate! This was fun, and I hope to be a regular participant.

My link is below and I hope to check out some of the other links later this evening!


Jenners said...

Trying to get my link to be "clickable." Let's see if I did it right!

My Tuesday Thinger Post

Bonnie said...

Interesting question Wendi! I am an eclectic reader and blogger. Check out my post HERE.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

It would only let me pick one so I went with the majority of books I review (fiction/lit). I do enjoy various romance novels as well but don't always review them.

Since starting my blog a year ago I've stretched myself in what fiction I read. I'm enjoying that aspect!

Nely said...

Here's my TT post


♥ Nely

Anonymous said...

Great question and answer! Here is my response.

jlshall said...

Great question today. My answer's late again, but here.

susan said...

Hi Wendi,

I had tried several times to respond to your poll. Glad you fixed it.

Thank you for coming by. I appreciate you taking time to read and comment.

Mari said...

You can find my answer here.

Alea said...

Here is mine!


Alyce said...

I had a lot of fun thinking about this one.

Here's my post:


RAnn said...

During Lent, I try to make "spiritual" a more prominent genre. I have a meme going about Lenten reading; please join in


Caspette said...

I have a soft spot for Romances which is probably why I tend to read chick lit more then harliquin these days.

But adventure type books are my real passion just love them!

Florinda said...

Tuesday Thingers on Friday, from this non-genre reader :-).

Anonymous said...

It's horribly late, but my answer is here.

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