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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Book Giveaway Carnival: DVD Giveaway

Do you have a passion for movies (maybe movies that are based on books)?

I am a member of http://www.swapadvd.com/, where I've gotten rid of a bunch of my un-watched dvds, and requested some I want to watch!
My giveaway: I will give two winners credits on SwapaDVD! You will be able to request a movie of your choice, at NO COST TO YOU! Using the DVD Credit will get you the dvd and pay for shipping!!
1. You must have an account with SwapaDVD (sister site to PaperBackSwap) - don't have one? Sign up - it's easy and quick!
Please use me as a referral (wbarker) or click here .
If you list 10 dvd's, you will get a free credit (so will I). Don't want to list any that's fine - book take a moment to look around!
Note: You can move credits between SwapaDVD and PaperBackSwap! Accounts are open to anyone with a mailing address served by USPS, must be 18 years old to create an account.

2. I'll need the winner(s) nicknames, so if you have one now, leave it in the comment (or reply when I email you if you are the winner)

To enter:
1. Leave a comment here
2. Leave a comment on any of my book reviews, include the words "DVD Giveaway" at the end of the comment (2 entries/each comment)

Once you have entered here, click the button above to return to the Book Giveaway Carnival and go enter more giveaways! :)

If there are a lot of entries, I will add more winners!! The drawing will take place Saturday November 8th!! Good luck!!


Anonymous said...

Rats, I wish we had these services up here (Canada). You guys have it good with these swaps and Netflix and such. :-)

Lindsey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lindsey said...

I joined and used you as a referral! Nickname: johnsgirl. I'm already a member of paperbackswap and I love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

ladyufshalott at yahoo.com

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