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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Review: White Christmas Pie by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Title: White Christmas Pie
Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter
Pages: 304
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc (September 1, 2008)

Genre: Christian fiction, romance, Amish
Edition: Standard, many thanks to Angie at Barbour for sending me this copy to review!

Perfect for : Personal Reading, Possible Book Club Read

In a nutshell: A wonderfully written book surrounding the Amish culture. Through the interactions and conversations of the characters in the book, we see how important faith and supportive relationships are, as well as communication and honesty. A very enjoyable and easy read (once you get used to a few of the harder Amish words, which were fun to try and say ;) ). This book provides the reader with small insights into the Amish life and character. I love what Ms. Brunstetter does near the end of the book to wrap the story up. As a special bonus, she DOES include a recipe for White Christmas Pie at the end of the book.

From the Back Cover:
Will Henderson, abandoned by his father sixteen years ago and left in the care of an Amish couple, has joined the Amish church and is about to marry Karen Yoder. But as Will contemplates marriage and potential fatherhood, he wonders will he eventually destroy his family as his father did his?

Karen Yoder can't break through the barrier her fiance has suddenly constructed around his heart. When she seeks the advice of an old boyfriend, Will begins to see green. Is there a chance there won't be a December wedding after all?

Riddled with guilt and shame over abandoning his son, Frank Henderson sinks into depression. As he begins to search for Will, he wonders if there is anything he can do to make it right.

When Will's life is threatened, the strength of blood-ties is put to the test. Can Will find it in his heart to forgive his father and marry the woman he loves? Can an old recipe for White Christmas Pie contain the truth that sets him free?

First Paragraph:
Three-Year-Old Girl Abandoned In Small Town Park. A lump formed in Will Henderson's throat as he stared at the headline in the morning newspaper. Not another abandoned child!

My Review:
Meet Will Henderson, who has lived with his Amish "parents" for the past 16 years, after his father mysteriously leaves him to find a more stable job.

Mark and Regina have raised Will as their own son. He is on the cusp of marriage to Karen Yoder, a wonderful Amish girl. With thoughts of his real father, and feelings of abandonment, he becomes moody, causing his loved ones to wonder if the marriage will happen, and if Will will choose remain among the Amish.

As a reader, we discover that Will's father Frank has remarried and now has two daughters. With the support of his family and Karen, we find that things with his real father may not be as straight-forward as Will thought.

Will a life-threatening buggy accident pull the family, including Frank and his new family, closer, or will it tear the family apart?

Characters: The characters are wonderfully written, with depth of character and personality.

Story-Line: There are a lot of children today who do not know what happened to their birth parents, or why they aren't with them. This book gives perspective to the fact that our assumptions aren't always correct. I loved this story! I especially like that I was able to learn a little about the Amish that I didn't already know.

Readability: This was a very enjoyable and easy read.

Overall: A very nice story, with touches of faith, holiday spirit, and romance. A book that everyone should find enjoyable.

About the Author: (from the publisher)
Author of numerous novels and stories, Wanda E. Brunstetter enjoys writing about the Amish because of their peaceful existence and simple way of life - things she believes everyone needs in this day and age. Wanda lives in Washington State, where her husband is a pastor, but often visits Amish settlements throughout the country.


Darlene said...

This sounds like such a good book. Anoyjer for the tbr list.

Anonymous said...

wishing for white christmas tree (:

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