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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've Been Tagged: Wyn's Sunday Meme

AusJenny over at Come Meet AusJenny tagged me for Wyn's Sunday Meme. Both ladies have fun blogs, and I encourage you to stop by and visit them!

Now for the Meme!!

1. What book is on the left hand side of your computer or closest to the left hand side?

2. Are you reviewing it, is it your favourite, or is it there for some other reason and specify.

3. Go to page 38 and write down from the 2nd paragraph, the first 4 sentences.

4. Tag 4 friends and pass them this avatar.

My Answer:
Just to the left of my laptop, I have Where Am I Wearing by Kelsey Timmerman. I requested this ARC from the publisher via the Shelf Awareness newsletter a while back as the concept of a person going to the places his clothing was made to learn about the people who made them was interesting. I've also always wondered if our human rights protests about sweatshops in foreign countries were appreciated, and I do believe he asks some of the people he meets that question - I obviously haven't read the answer yet! So - I'm reviewing it soon!
We pass flooded rice paddies. Six people lean out the sides of a
small wood boat doing something. I don't know if rice has tassels that need detasseling, but that's what I imagine they're doing. Others wade through the mud and water. The sun is smoking hot. If it weren't for the breeze coming through the window courtesy of our great speed, I would be a sweaty mess. You can feel the breeze in Bangladesh, not just through your
hair, but sticking to your skin and in your eyes.
Sorry - I had to keep going just a little farther . . . . :)

From Amazon:
Ninety-seven percent of our clothes are made overseas. Yet globalization makes it difficult to know much about the origin of the products we buy—beyond the standard "Made in" label. So journalist and blogger Kelsey Timmerman decided to visit each of the countries and factories where his five favorite items of clothing were made and meet the workers. He knew the basics of globalized labor—the forces, processes, economics, and politics at work. But what was lost among all those facts and numbers was an understanding of the lives, personalities, hopes, and dreams of the people who made his clothes.

In Bangladesh, he went undercover as an under-wear buyer, witnessed the child labor industry in action, and spent the day with a single mother who was forced to send her eldest son to Saudi Arabia to help support her family. In Cambodia, he learned the difference between those who wear Levi's and those who make them. In China, he saw the costs of globalization and the dark side of the Chinese economic miracle.

Bouncing between two very different worlds—that of impoverished garment workers and his own Western lifestyle—Timmerman puts a personal face on the controversial issues of globalization and outsourcing. Whether bowling with workers in Cambodia or riding a roller coaster with laborers in Bangladesh, he bridges the gap between impersonal economic forces and the people most directly affected by them. For anyone who wants to truly understand the real issues and the human costs of globalization, Where Am I Wearing? is an indispensable and unforgettable journey.

The friends that I am tagging:

Anastasia at Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog
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Wyn said...

What an interesting subject title. And the paragraph sounds like the book is well written and descriptive. Can't wait to read your review. Thanks for participating.

Anonymous said...

Eee! Thank you for tagging me, Wendi! My answers are here. :D

Lenore Appelhans said...

I'm excited to read Where am I wearing too!

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